What documents are required for a visit to Canada?

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Canadian visa variety for visitors

Imposing landscapes and modern cities like Vancouver or Toronto make Canada a popular travel destination, especially for young people. Annually there are millions who travel to the popular country in northern America.

Canada's immigration authorities issue a variety of visa types to suit visitors' travel intentions. In March 2016, however, Canada introduced an electronic travel authorization (ETA) to enter Canada. The online application process is similar to ESTA for the USA: It is intended for nationals of countries that do not "require an official visa". The ETA must be applied for before departure.

Who can apply for an ETA for Canada?

As a German citizen, you generally need an ETA for Canada, for example if you are traveling to Canada by air for tourist purposes. Please note that as a tourist you have to enter the country by air in order to be able to apply for the ETA for Canada.

Travelers from Canada visa waiver states and persons legally permanent residents of the United States, as well as travelers arriving by land or sea, are not required to apply for an ETA.

What types of visas are there for Canada?

That is also popular Working Holiday Visa which allows you to travel and work in Canada for up to one year. Classic work visas, business visas and tourist visas are also among the visa categories that are in high demand. Tourist entry permits not only offer the opportunity to go on vacation, but also allow free farm work and volunteer work. The student visa gives international students the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at a Canadian university. The universities of the US neighboring state enjoy a good reputation worldwide.

How does the Canada visa application work?

There is no single application process for Canadian visas. How and where to submit the visa application depends on the required visa category. Student visas and work visas can, for example, be applied for on paper via the Canadian embassy or - if certain requirements are met - online.

Applying for a Working Holiday Visa, on the other hand, is only possible online through the IEC (International Experience Canada) program of the Canadian Department of Citizenship and Immigration (CIC).

For residents of countries in which Canada has not set up consular departments in missions abroad, Visa Application Centers (VAC) in Germany and / or consular missions in neighboring countries are responsible for issuing visas.

The Canadian Embassy in Berlin, Germany no longer has a visa and immigration department since April 2012. Information on issuing visas is available from the Canadian Embassy in Vienna, Austria.

All application forms are only available in English and French.

Please navigate to the individual visa types to obtain information about the application requirements and visa validity, general information about entry and the permitted length of stay. Here you will also find out which documents you need to present in addition to a valid passport in order to apply for a visa for Canada

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