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When do you think people started using names? What is certain is that this practice is very, very old.

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All cultures in the world use names. However, the way and the meaning differ. Some peoples, for example in Indonesia, have simple naming rules with only one name without any division into first names and surnames.

On the other hand, there is an old Chinese tradition according to which men have a changing generation name in addition to first names and surnames. The respective phase of life can be read from this generation name.

Why do we have names?

Names have many purposes; the meaning of the first name plays only a minor role. Most of all, names help us to differentiate ourselves from one another. Imagine our society without a name! We couldn't just call “Andreas Schulz”, but would have to talk about the little red-haired man from the other end of town. (No, the little thin one, not the big one ...)


Many names pass on information about our roots or origins and are mostly inherited. Another example of the meaning of first names is the aforementioned generation name from China. In some African cultures, first names are given in such a way that the order in which siblings were born is visible.

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