What are the advantages of a telegram over WhatsApp

Why Telegram is better than WhatsApp - advantages of Telegram at a glance

The instant messenger Telegram follows a similar concept to WhatsApp. With both services, your own telephone number is used for authentication and the address book is used as a contact list. Conducting calls is also made more pleasant on both sides with convenience functions. Although WhatsApp has a monopoly, Telegram offers significant added value for the end user.

In this article I will list a few points that are relevant to the current state of affairs Telegram of Whatsapp stand out. It should be kept in mind that both services are constantly evolving. For example, the gap in the range of functions was once significantly larger, but WhatsApp has recently caught up a lot.

Telegram is a cloud messenger

Telegram stores all user data, chats and media on its own server. What at first sounds worrying for data privacy advocates has some advantages. For example, it is no longer necessary to create regular and large backups. As soon as you buy a new smartphone, all chats are automatically back on the device after logging in. Media can be downloaded at any time if necessary.

The cloud can also save a lot of storage space. The automatic deletion of local media is part of the range of functions, which is why the app only needs to be a few (hundreds) MB in size. However, this function is purely optional and it is activated in the settings. If a medium is needed again later, it just needs to be found and tapped. Telegram will automatically download the file again.

Extensive settings

Much more extensive settings than the competitor WhatsApp can be found on Telegram. A good example of this would be media downloads.

While the automatic download of videos can only be switched on and off with WhatsApp, Telegram offers a slider for maximum download sizes. This means that you can define that all videos are downloaded as long as none are larger than 2 MB. The user can also choose whether this setting only applies to groups or also to private chats.

A better group system

Groups represent a main function of Telegram. The advantages are correspondingly great.

The answer function is more sophisticated. If you are marked in a message, you don't have to scroll through the entire chat history. A simple tap on an @ symbol on the edge of the screen is enough.

When you mute groups, you usually don't notice anything. But if you leave the notifications on and a conversation develops between the participants, the smartphone rings every few seconds. At Telegram there is a quite intelligent messaging system that can even specify that only 1 message every 10 minutes should be received as a notification. This way you get something from ongoing discussions, while at the same time your own nerves are spared.

Finally, the best point can be made: Your own telephone number is suppressed. Joining groups is safe. Other participants can only see their name, profile picture, bio and the user name they have chosen.

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Inline bots

The functionality of Telegram can be expanded by anyone using bots. Inline bots can be reached in every chat with an @ and offer the integrity of certain services.

With @Bing picture name you can quickly start an image search, the same is possible with gifs (@Gif search term) or with YouTube videos (@YouTube video title). A highlight, however, is the VoteBot. This enables surveys to be created quickly.

Can be used independently of the smartphone

For some users it is very important to be able to use their instant messenger on the PC. This makes sending files and typing faster. With WhatsApp, however, the mobile phone must always be connected to the Internet, since all data is sent via a local connection. This also consumes a lot of battery.

A very fast and slim desktop program is available for download for Telegram. A separate instance is started here, independent of the smartphone. If this falls into the endless depths of a freezer while shopping, making it impossible to find, we can at least inform our contacts about this tragic accident on our computer.

More sophisticated apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

The most important thing about a messenger is the app. In the end, it provides the final user experience. This is particularly evident with Telegram.

It starts with the speed. Telegrams app opens faster and all entries feel more direct. However, if you don't like the standard app, you can also install a third-party client. While WhatsApp banned the Plus extension forever, various alternatives for Telegram can be found in the Play Store search results.

The dark design is a particularly important aspect. A white user interface consumes more battery on OLED displays and can be uncomfortable for the eyes in dark rooms. Telegram offers a permanent or optional change to a black appearance. The automatic change can take place by means of a brightness sensor, whereby the app automatically adapts to the conditions in dark rooms. It even goes a step further and allows you to create your own designs. This means that each level of the user interface can be colored individually.

Android users can look forward to an iOS-inspired gesture to navigate back.

Private chats for private conversations

There is an extra room for private conversations, the so-called private chats. These are only stored locally on the device, which means that Telegram cannot have any access to the end-to-end encrypted messages. Screenshots are suppressed in private conversations and timers can be set for messages and pictures. The pictures self-destruct after a set time, as is already known from Snapchat.

Telegram message instead of email newsletter

So-called channels can be compared with the well-known e-mail newsletters. Only channel administrators can compose messages that all subscribers will then receive. Some sites draw attention to new articles, others write entire blog entries in Telegram.

In conjunction with the integrated reading mode for websites, Unigram could easily replace a news app for one or the other.

At WindowsArea, for example, we have our own Telegram channel where we highlight special articles like this one. You can reach it under this link.

Edit and delete messages

If a correction or more precise execution of a statement is required, a message that has already been sent can be processed quickly. This is particularly useful if your contact is not yet online and you don't want to bombard them with messages.

If the statement is no longer valid, or you have mixed up the chat again, then the message can simply be deleted again. The difference to WhatsApp is that there is no trace of a message left.

Saved messages

As mentioned before, Telegram is a cloud messenger. You benefit from this with the function saved messages. This can be imagined as a private chat with yourself, where everything can be noted. Everyday usage scenarios represent the transfer of information to a PC, the saving of an important document, the quick creation of a note or the saving / favoring of messages.

Be prepared for the future at all times

With the use of Telegram you are equipped for the future. Telegram quickly implements new Android and iOS functions in its own app. Even on the current development plan there are very interesting functions that users can look forward to months before WhatsApp will be able to experience it.

At this point in time, WhatsApp has already copied a lot from Telegram. Including replying to messages, the media view, large group chats with invitation links and description, stickers, pinning chats at the top and deleting messages. Most of the time, the implementation is also noticeably identical.

Which messenger do you use to keep in touch with your friends and family members?