Which countries watch the most pornography?

The big ranking: In these countries, porn shows are the order of the day

"Pornhub" has published results again. And they show what the USA and the Philippines have in common when it comes to porn consumption.

Hardly any other porn site attracts as much media attention as “Pornhub”. This is because the company behind it regularly publishes slippery details from the love life of people around the world. Data that you just have to evaluate. After all, hundreds of thousands of users look for films on their pages every day.

From such an evaluation we now know that the Philippines seem to be particularly fond of surfing porn sites. You stay on the homepage for 12 minutes and 45 seconds per visit. Second place in this ranking goes to the USA, which spent 9 minutes and 51 seconds on the dirty side. Australia, India and Canada follow on the other places. Germany landed in 16th place with eight minutes and 13 seconds, Austria and Switzerland did not make it into the top 20. They are well below the global average of 9 minutes and 20 seconds per visit.

Prudish USA are porn fans

But what do the US and the Philippines have in common when it comes to porn consumption? Both of them are at the front in a ranking. The Philippines surf the longest, but worldwide porn consumption is nowhere higher than in the United States, which are actually considered prudish. They are well ahead of the United Kingdom, India, Canada and Germany. Austria and Switzerland are also not included in this ranking.