Men wear jockstraps for normal underwear

Jockstraps - sexy underwear for real men

Product information

The Mark7Gear GYM & SWIM is a sporty, incredibly comfortable sports shorts and swimming trunks with a built-in, invisible jockstrap. Everything stays in its place here and gives man a good, secure feeling. The GYM & SWIM shorts is breathable, light, quick-drying and body-hugging - ideal for sports and swimming.


GYM & SWIM shorts with built-in jockstrap

  • available in 5 colors
  • ultra light
  • quick drying material
  • breathable
  • Jockstrap included
  • sexy look
  • Must-have for active athletes

The GYM & SWIM sports and swimming trunks by Mark7Gear combine all the properties of training pants, sweatpants, workout, gym and swimming trunks.

Material: 100% polyester

My opinion

This time I didn't test any underpants, but I would like to extend the tests to the current men's swimwear as well. When I came from the Mark7Gear GYM & SWIM shorts read, I was immediately enthusiastic and curious. I just had to test it. Sports and swimming trunks with an integrated jockstrap - that sounds great! And I would like to anticipate the test result a little. I'm excited!

Wearing jockstraps is not yet that common among German men - at least I think so. But especially when doing sports, they are very beneficial and also my first choice. Forget the association with homosexual men and see jockstraps as another variation on male underpants. We don't need to discuss the taste and appearance of a jockstrap. Fortunately, the tastes are very different here. If you like jockstraps, just give them a try and see for yourself how comfortable they are. But jockstraps are not only ideal for sports. They can also be worn perfectly under tight jeans. More on this in our underwear department Jockstraps.

Back to the sports and swimming trunks by Mark7Gear

The fabric of the GYM & SWIM shorts is incredibly light and soft. The cut of the shorts is comparable to other short sports trousers. It sits nice and low on the hips and the legs are only just long enough for a small leg to be present. A jockstrap is incorporated into the shorts, also made of very soft and stretchy material. This way, your package will be well packed and will get the right hold. As usual with a jockstrap, two jockbands run from the jockstrap through the crotch and along your tight buttocks up to the waistband.

I wear size L and the shorts also fit in L. They are very body-hugging, however. Those who prefer it a little looser should perhaps order one size larger. Personally, I don't think that's necessary, as sports pants can be tight. The stretchable material offers enough space.

For my first test, I went jogging. The GYM & SWIM Short is perfect: loose and breathable, but at the same time a perfect fit and great wearing comfort. You hardly notice that you are wearing pants. At the same time, nothing slips, regardless of the movement. WOW! Highly recommended.

And how do the pants perform as swim shorts? Maybe I'm the wrong test person. I prefer tight-fitting swim briefs or swim pants because I don't like it when the wet fabric of swim shorts sticks to my legs. But that's just my feeling. There are so many men who wear shorts for swimming or on the beach. As mentioned above, the cut is perfect and the pants fit perfectly. For swimming trunks, it is also important that the fabric is opaque, but still light and dries quickly. The Mark7Gear GYM & SWIM shorts fulfill these tasks with flying colors. So if you don't mind that the wet fabric sticks to your legs for a short time, you will love these swim shorts. Because the cut is super comfortable and sexy at the same time.

The combination of short sports pants and the integrated jockstrap is great! The Mark7Gear Shorts are my TOP favorite for sport and I can only recommend everyone to try them out. You'll be amazed.


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You can buy the GYM & SWIM shorts directly in the Mark7Gear online shop or at Amazon.

Photos: © Mark7Gear - were kindly made available to us.