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Digging for gold in Germany: is it allowed?

Germany is not considered the land of gold prospectors, but many people still wonder whether prospecting is allowed here. You can find out what the legal situation looks like and where you can possibly find the most gold in our home article.

Digging for gold in Germany - information

The days of prospectors are far from over. The precious metal is still eagerly sought out in North America, South America and Australia in particular. You can read here whether you are allowed to do this in Germany and what you should be aware of:

  • In Germany there is no official law that directly prohibits gold mining. However, you must observe the regional regulations of the relevant area of ​​responsibility. In addition, your gold prospecting could potentially violate other regulations.
  • Especially in nature reserves you are in a gray area if you want to mine there. Depending on the situation, you can be liable to prosecution. Therefore, you should always ask the city administration or municipality in advance before you start looking for the precious metal on your own.
  • If you are not looking in a nature reserve, the question arises as to who actually owns the area or the river. If ownership is clear and can be presented in writing, you are not legally allowed to keep the gold you find. You should therefore clarify this beforehand.
  • Note: Your gold hunt will be primarily fun - maybe even a family outing. If you explain this to the relevant authorities, no one will put any obstacles in your way. It gets more complicated when you want to hunt for treasure on a larger scale. Then you should clarify all legal questions in advance, otherwise you could get into serious trouble.

Digging for gold in Germany - this is where you are most likely to find something

Now that we have explained the legal situation to you, we will tell you below where you have the best chances of making a small find in Germany:

  • You are most likely to find light gold deposits in large rivers. Germany's rivers with the largest deposits include the Elbe and the Rhine. In Bavaria it is mainly the Isar and the Inn that are known for their occurrence.
  • Insider tip: Among the gold prospectors in Germany, the rivers Eder, Schwarza and Aller are also considered to be gold-bearing.
  • You could also find what you are looking for in the southern Black Forest, the Upper Palatinate and the Harz Mountains. However, this will always only be a little bit of gold dust, you will only find larger pieces of gold there with a lot of luck. You can also go in search of gold in the Ore Mountains and the Bavarian Forest.

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