How we can download a newspaper

First steps

The Münsterland Zeitung's free app for smartphones and tablets bundles the digital offers from Lensingmedia. A subscription is required to use the content. If you have not yet taken out one, you will find detailed information on the various subscription models "here" as well as the option of taking out a free trial subscription. You will receive access data that you have to enter once in the app. To do this, select the “Login” entry in the “Settings” section of the menu and enter your access data.

If you have problems entering your access data, we will be happy to help you. You can reach us by phone on +49 2561 6970, Monday to Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 12 noon.

The settings

To make navigating the app as easy as possible for you, you will find a clearly structured menu in the top left corner of your screen, which is displayed permanently. You can use the menu to make settings on this app. The settings offer you the following options:

  • If no access data are stored, you can enter them via "Login". After you have successfully logged in, you will see here which profile you are logged in with - and you can, if necessary, log out again with a tap on “Log out”.
  • The Münsterland Zeitung app bundles the digital offers from Lensingmedia. In the ePaper you can read your news in the classic newspaper design. In the web news area, you will be provided with the latest articles. You can choose whether you want to use the ePaper or the web news as the start page. The mode can then be switched in the future by tapping the icon in the top right corner of the app.
  • If you want to tailor your app to your own interests, you can make personal settings. Here you can pre-allocate which ePaper edition you have pre-allocated as standard. Of course, the presentation of the message stream can also be individually adapted to your own requirements. The setting “Manage my topics” can be used to filter by location and department.
  • You can use the “Manage notifications” setting to determine whether you want to receive push notifications. On the one hand, we send you a message when something important happens in the region - so you won't miss a thing. On the other hand, we will send you push notifications on your selected subject areas based on your interests. Push messages are important headlines that are shown to you on the display of your smartphone or tablet. To activate the push function, all you have to do is tap the desired push topic. If a topic is activated, it is given a blue tick.
  • In the "FAQ" section, we have clearly summarized all the important questions about our subscription offers and digital products for you.
  • Here you can also contact our support and view the "data protection declaration". You can find all important contact details under "Imprint".

The start interface

In the settings you can choose whether you want to see the ePaper area or the Web area when you start the app. The ePaper is preset when the app is started. The mode can then be switched in the future by tapping the icon in the top right corner of the app.


Click here to go to the newspaper kiosk, where you can access all local editions of the Münsterland Zeitung (MLZ). Issues are usually available from 3 a.m. An evening edition will inform you the evening before. You can find detailed information on the ePaper and its archive functionality in the ePaper section.

TIP: In keeping with the motto “Not a day without a newspaper”, a current ePaper edition awaits you 365 days a year.


With the Münsterland Zeitung app you are on time: Because you read the news when it happens - namely today. Supplemented, for example, with picture galleries, live tickers or additional information for which there is simply no space in the newspaper, you can find out about what's going on in the region during the day.

The ePaper

My issue

In the settings you can pre-allocate which ePaper edition you would like to have pre-allocated as standard. You will then find the latest edition of the newspaper in the newspaper kiosk. For example, if you want to read a different local edition or read a different title, tap on the menu and select the edition you want.

Load newspaper edition

Load the newspaper onto your smartphone or tablet with a tap of the finger on the title page of the desired issue. A short-term connection to the Internet is required for this. Depending on the quality of the connection, the download only takes a few seconds, after which you can disconnect the connection. On the go, you have various options for connecting to the Internet. Smartphones and many tablets, depending on their equipment, offer the option of connecting to the Internet via the cellular network. The data plan of a mobile network provider is required for this. Many cafes or restaurants and even some municipalities offer free access to wireless Internet networks in city centers. You can read the newspaper while it is downloading.

TIP: Brochures or magazines enclosed with the printed newspaper can of course also be read digitally.

  • You can find your loaded issues in the menu under "My Issue". Here you can use "Manage" to delete any output that is no longer required and thus free up storage space.

Download issues from the archive

By swiping to the right, you can switch between the current issue and the "Archive". The Münsterland Zeitung app gives you access to an extensive newspaper archive. You can download and read all issues of the Münsterland Zeitung since 2011. Simply select an issue and a date to search.

Search in the ePaper

All ePaper issues are searchable. Swipe to the right to land in "Search". Simply enter a search term and the app will show you which article you will find what you are looking for. You are also welcome to limit the search period.

read newspaper

The gestures

To read your newspaper, use the finger gestures with which you also operate other apps on your smartphone or tablet:

  • Swipe left or right with one finger

"Scroll" through the issue or, with the article open, jump to the next or previous article

  • Place two fingers on the touchscreen and expand or contract

If you are in the side view, you can use this gesture to continuously enlarge or reduce the text. Once you have zoomed in on the page, you can move across the page with a swipe of your finger.

  • By holding your finger down on an article in the page view, you can read articles in the body of the text. You can read more about this in the section Functions in the continuous text view.

Navigate through the output

When the issue is open, you can jump directly to the page you want. To do this, use the practical page preview at the top right of the screen. With a tap of the finger on the symbol with the six square boxes you will find an overview of all pages contained in the output.

Functions in the running text view

Swipe left or right with one finger to stay in the running text view and jump to the previous or next article. In the running text view you also have the following options:

  • Share the article using the "arrow"
  • Have the article read aloud to you via the loudspeaker symbol
  • With the "Font size settings" you can determine the size in which the articles should be displayed. The font size can be increased step by step so that reading does not become work even on small smartphones. Smaller font sizes are also available so that even large displays can be optimally filled with content.


  • With the new app from the Münsterland Zeitung, news can now be filtered by location, department or topic under “My Topics”. So you are always well informed. You decide yourself in the settings and select the displayed topics based on your interests.
  • As with the ePaper, you can share articles, adjust the font size as you wish or have the texts read aloud using the read-out function.
  • You can access all topics and departments by swiping left and right to change departments.

New: podcasts

Do you want news to be heard too? From now on there is also the “Podcast” section in our app: a mixture of audio blog and radio broadcast. You can find the podcasts on various topics and always new episodes in the menu. Our podcast offer is constantly growing. Hear everything about BVB - and much more.