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How to find the right bra

Studies have shown that many women (almost half of all bra wearers) do not wear a correctly fitting bra, but rather chose the wrong size when buying.

Normally, a woman would have to measure her chest girth regularly in order to find the right bra size for her, because weight fluctuations or hormonal influences lead to changes in the chest girth and thus to a different bra size.

Nevertheless, the majority of women buy the same bra size over and over again for years.

A bra that is too tight not only pinches uncomfortably on the back and under the chest, but can also lead to permanent painful tension in the shoulder area, which can even cause headaches and back pain.

Tips for the right bra purchase

  • Try different models, because sizes can vary from brand to brand. The perfect bra should fit snugly under your chest, but not pinch.
  • If the model has an elastic, well-fitting underbust band, you are getting closer to the perfect bra for you, because such a band supports the chest and prevents the bra from sliding up the back unattractively.
  • Two fingers should still fit under the tape at the front of the bridge.
  • The band should lie almost against the body below the chest, then the bra fits perfectly.
  • The bra cups should fully encircle the breast.
  • The straps and the back bar should not cut into the skin.
  • The bra should fit on the last hook because it expands when you wear it.
  • Do not use extension inserts, as this will cause the bra to lose its supportive function.

How to find the right bra size

You need two measurements for the right bra: the underbust and the upper bust.

Underbust: Stand up straight and measure the circumference of your body relatively tightly under your chest with a tape measure.

Bust: Place the measuring tape firmly, but not incisively, around the strongest part of the chest.

Bra size table

The bra label contains two pieces of information: The first piece of information - a number - is that Underbust, for example 88.

The second item - a letter (for example B) - identifies the Upper bust or the cup size.

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