What are some sales forums

Regardless of the reason for selling your car: Here you will find valuable tips. With the help of this guide, you will get the business done well prepared and safely. Here you will find out, among other things, that

  • You should thoroughly document damage.
  • The best way to evaluate your car in an online comparison.
  • The general disclaimer is problematic.

By the way, the best time of year to sell a car is spring. In the cold months there are fewer interested parties. Except for those who need a cheap winter vehicle. If your car is an option, you should offer it in the fall.

Technical inventory of the used car

First of all, you need to take a close look at your car. Of course, you know what damage is there. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to document all signs of use with a keen eye. The best thing to do is take a picture of it. On the one hand, this means that you are well prepared for the sales pitch. On the other hand, you have pictures of the important damage in stock for your ad.

In addition to optics and technology, the inventory also includes the following points:

  • Has all maintenance been carried out according to the checkbook? Which are coming up soon?
  • Are the electrics working? Light outside and inside, control lever, etc.
  • What about servo oil, brake fluid, engine oil, coolant, windshield washer fluid?
  • How high is the tire profile? 1.6 mm is required by law, 3 or 4 mm are recommended for summer and winter tires.
  • Are there cracks or cracks in the windscreen?
  • Is the interior dry and smells neutral?
  • Is the battery charged?

Make a note of all flaws and indicate them, especially in the sales contract (see below). It's not about every dent, but about serious defects. You should also not hide defects in the technology that are not visible. If this creates danger, you can also liable in retrospect be made.

Cleaning the used car

Obviously, you should consider your car before you advertise it clean thoroughly. A trip to the car wash is compulsory. Also, think about the interior: vacuum it and remove stains, if there are any.

If there is a slight odor, it is usually sufficient to distribute coffee bags in the car over several days. In worse cases, an ozone treatment can help for around € 60. The car is fumigated for several hours. If it pays off in the long term, you can get a suitable device.

Once the car has been cleaned, it is best to take a few pictures afterwards. Photograph:

  • The vehicle from all sides. But not in the shade and certainly not with reflections from trees or the like. on the paint
  • Major damage
  • The interior: fittings, upholstery, trunk, damaged areas

Repairs and pricing of used cars

Repair used cars before selling them

Think about what else you want to invest in your car before selling it. On the one hand, this is associated with an increase in value. On the other hand, the costs must of course all rolled into one reasonable ratio to value stand.

What matters is what potential buyers can expect. Smaller sheet metal or paint damage can now be repaired with Smart Repair. That is also recommended Renew the general inspection. Many prospective buyers believe that they are on the safe side.

In the case of (checkbook) well-maintained used vehicles with a value of several thousand euros, a final inspection or inspection in the workshop is probably worthwhile. It can also be useful to find out about potential vulnerabilities of the model and eliminate them. Because well-versed interested parties inform themselves about it in advance.

Determining the value of a used car: certificates and comparison

ADAC and DEKRA offer private individuals and dealers the service of thoroughly checking a vehicle for sale. If it passes the exam for approx. 100 € (depending on the scope), it receives z. B. that DEKRA used vehicle seal. Depending on the order, you will receive an estimate of the value.

TÜV, ADAC and Schwacke are also known contact points for evaluating the vehicle. The inspection of the vehicle is always chargeable. Attention: The cheapest package often only contains the hard facts such as model, mileage and equipment.

To get the price right, just locate your model on the big ones Used car portals. Look for a similar condition, technical defects and your regional market. Where there is less competition, e.g. B. in less densely populated areas, used cars are usually more expensive.

As an approximate lower price limit can you sign up on Dealer sales value minus 15% orientate. If necessary, get in at a higher price and then gradually lower it.

Opportunities to sell used cars

Sell ​​used cars online or to dealers

After the evaluation, you need to think about where to sell your car. The classic variant: Notice boards or newspaper advertisements.

The easiest way for private individuals is to use specialized websites or marketplaces, e.g. B. mobile.de, AutoScout24 or eBay. There you will find ready-made categories and an automated data query. Don't forget to add important information. This includes:

  • Repaired previous damage
  • Special equipment
  • Remodeling

Alternatively, you can sell your car to a dealer. This can be quite straightforward, but it often makes less money. After all, traders need to budget for a profit margin. When buying a new car, it is a good idea to trade in your car at the dealer.

The so-called are a special case Export trader. Everyone knows the cards that are regularly stuck on the side windows of cars. When your car is only worth a few hundred euros, you can try your luck at an export dealer. But be prepared for tough negotiations.

Meanwhile there is also Internet portalswho buy virtually every car. There you will get temptingly high prices. As soon as the sale is pending, however, they will be mercilessly traded down for alleged defects. So be skeptical.

Used car sales: preparation, processing and necessary documents

Before you begin, think about how many potential buyers you want to reach and how you can schedule viewings.

For car sales, you should set up a new e-mail address with a free provider such as Yahoo or GMX. Also, it's best to use one Phone numberthat you don't need. Because especially with popular models or at low prices it can happen that you are constantly contacted.

Plus, expect ridiculously low offers. It can be useful to address this if your vehicle is older or in poor condition. However, expect that the dealer will not come to the viewing alone and try to put you under pressure.

Documents for car sales

You should have the following documents ready for the sales pitch:

  • The registration certificate part I and part II
  • The service book (check book)
  • Evidence of maintenance and repairs
  • The last report of the main inspection
  • Documents for extra built-in accessories
  • All existing car keys
  • Your identity card

Danger: Under no circumstances should you give the registration certificate Part II out of your hand until the car has been paid for in full.

Securing a test drive with a used car

The prospect will most likely want to test drive the car. Let yourself be beforehand Driver's license and ID demonstrate. Also, draw up a short contract. The reason: As long as you are registered as the owner, your liability insurance will cover any damage caused. But in retrospect you have to pay monthly costs for an unregistered driver. You will also be upgraded and there may be a deductible. You can protect yourself against this with a corresponding agreement on a test drive.

Purchase contract and exclusion of warranty when selling a car

If both sides are satisfied and everything has been discussed, nothing stands in the way of closing the deal. It is best to use a comprehensive sample contract. If you set up your own contract, be sure to sign it Liability for material defects out. It is often not enough to simply exclude the warranty across the board. There have already been several judgments on this.

Important: Do not hand over the vehicle and papers until you have received the receive full purchase price to have.

Insurance and tax on the sale of used cars

The motor vehicle insurance is transferred to the buyer when the purchase contract is concluded. This means that an accident after the purchase has no financial consequences for you. Preferably inform your car insurance company immediately about the sale and provide you with the buyer's details. He can then continue your contract, cancel it within one month or have it terminated with a new insurance confirmation at the registration office.

The Tax liability on the other hand, only passes to the buyer when he has registered the vehicle at the registration office. To be on the safe side, you can deregister your car beforehand. Make a note of this in the advertisement because the prospect will then have to bring a short-term license plate or a trailer.

The deal is now closed. If you have given information about the condition of the vehicle to the best of your knowledge, nothing can happen to you: Wear damage are not complaint.

In other cases, however, the buyer can sue you. For example, if safety-related deficiencies lead to an injury. Or if you can be shown to have violated your seller obligations, e.g. B. have concealed something. When it comes to car sales, the same applies: Honesty lasts the longest.

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