Can a 476 Australian Visa be renewed


Sponsorship for Temporary Activities (403, 407, 408)Application for Australian sponsors (employers) to hire foreign professionals.Temporary Activity Visa (408)Application for a temporary work permit in specific areas, e.g. entertainment, sporting events, research, etc.Temporary Graduate Visa (485)Application for a temporary residence permit. For those who have recently graduated from an Australian educational institution.Temporary Work - International Relations Visa (403)Application for a temporary residence permit. For persons representing a foreign government or in connection with a bilateral agreement between the governments.Temporary Work - Short Stay Specialist Visa (400)Application for a work permit. Only for short-time work, highly specialized work areas, non-ongoing activities or in the interest of the country.Temporary Work and Activity Visa (Subsequent Entrant) (403,407,408)Additional form for partners or children of the applicant.Training Nomination (407)Application for Australian sponsors (employers) to offer training for foreign professionals.Training Visa (407)Application for job-related advanced training for a maximum of 2 years.