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Trouble in India

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New Delhi - A symbolic funeral for the national team was held in Calcutta, while in other major Indian cities, team captain Saurav Ganguly's dolls and posters of other players were burned. "All of India is very angry," said Ashok Jadhav, the organizer of the protests in Bombay. The defeat of the national cricket team against Australia at the World Cup in South Africa is heavy in the stomach for fans and has sparked angry protests. The police announced that they are now closely monitoring Captain Ganguly's home. In the northern city of Allahabad, the house of Batter Mohammad Kaif was pelted with bags filled with black paint and oil. Just a few months ago, the same player was the hero of the masses after his decisive points in the victory against England.

The newspaper "Times of India" reported on its front page that companies had withdrawn advertisements and advertisements featuring cricket players. Hundreds of thousands of text messages over the phone have urged people not to buy products advertised by cricketers.

India was world champion in 1983 and is still one of the best teams in the world. But at the current tournament, it was only enough to win a lackluster victory against the second-class Dutch. The Indians had no chance against Australia. The anger could take on even more dimensions if India loses the match against arch-rivals Pakistan on March 1st. India has banned games against Pakistan because of the tense political situation, the last meeting took place in 2000. "If they lose to Pakistan, they don't even have to come back," threatened activist Jadhav. (Reuters / APA / AP / red)