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The most important start-up fairs in Germany and why they are worthwhile

The 10 most important trade fairs and expos at a glance

The start-up fairs presented by the company are events that have a supraregional reach. Here we differentiate between a classic one Start-up fair, which is aimed at start-ups and those interested in starting a business who want to exchange ideas with service providers, consultants and other founders. Most of the exhibitors here are also the various contact points for founders. In contrast, those are marked here Start-up expos Trade fairs at which the start-ups and founders have their own stand to network with potential customers, cooperation partners and other founders.

More information on the most important start-up fairs

In the following we present start-up fair for start-up fair in more detail.

Upswing start-up fair in Frankfurt a.M.

At the Aufschwung start-up fair in Frankfurt am Main you can devote yourself to setting up a company and becoming self-employed. You will receive valuable start-up knowledge in lectures and meet contacts for a start-up in Frankfurt or in the Rhine-Main area. Find out more about the start-up fair.

CeBIT SCALE 11 in Hanover

Up-and-coming start-ups from all over the world are looking for access to decision-makers from the established economy. These in turn examine opportunities for cooperation with innovative business models. At SCALE11, both worlds come together and join forces. As a start-up platform at CeBIT, SCALE11 offers exactly that. Find out more about the Expo.

Ignition Thuringia: start-up fair in Erfurt

On two days at the start-up fair, a comprehensive offer for founders on the topics of self-employment, start-ups, franchising, financing, corporate succession, corporate development, further education, training and coaching will be offered. Find out more about the start-up fair.

Startup Camp Berlin

This is where young entrepreneurs get in touch with company representatives, investors and journalists in order to get advice and to draw the scene's attention. The program includes specialist lectures, a pitch and a trade fair area. Find out more about the start-up fair.

Bits & Pretzels start-up festival in Munich

Bits & Pretzels is a three-day festival for 5000+ founders, investors and innovators from all over the world, which always takes place in Munich at the end of September. The best-known entrepreneurs from all over the world as well as aspiring entrepreneurs meet here to exchange ideas with like-minded people. In addition to presentations, pitch and networking, the focus is on the Startup Exhibition, where start-ups can present themselves.

THE INITIAL start-up fair in Dortmund

DIE INITIALE is a start-up fair for entrepreneurs and the self-employed. It provides information on financing, development and succession. The focus on education makes them a valuable source of information. Find out more about the start-up fair.

StartupNight Expo in Berlin

Every year in September, start-ups from Berlin and all of Germany present themselves at StartupNight. The event is supported by, among others, Deutsche Telekom, IHK Berlin, Berlin Partner and the Investitionsbank Berlin. Find out everything about the StartupNight.

deGUT start-up fair in Berlin

The German Founders and Entrepreneurs Days (deGUT) are not only a start-up fair, but also the venue for the award ceremony of the nationwide competition "KfW Entrepreneurship Award". Around 120 exhibitors provide information material at deGUT. Find out more about the start-up fair.

Ignition start-up fair in Mainz

At Ignition in Mainz, the start-up fair for start-ups and self-employed people in the Rhine-Main area, visitors can hear exciting specialist articles, take part in workshops and get to know around 75 exhibitors from all areas. Find out more about the start-up fair.

Expo as part of the StartupCon in Cologne

The StartupCon brings together founders and start-ups in Cologne once a year. At the start-up conference and the associated expo, the future of Germany as a start-up location will be discussed and exciting ideas will turn into successful start-ups. Find out more about the StartupCon.

No start-up fair in your city?

If the right start-up fair for you was not there, take a look at our event calendar. There you will find upcoming dates at a glance. Also find out about local start-up fairs in your city. IHKs or local start-up initiatives often organize start-up days or there are start-up specials as part of job and business fairs.

5 reasons why a start-up fair is worthwhile

At a startup expo, you can present your product to potential customers, cooperation partners and other start-ups in order to receive feedback. But what exactly is the point of participating in a start-up fair? Here are five reasons why a start-up fair can be worthwhile before and during the start-up phase.

# 1 Prepare to start your business

A start-up fair serves as a good preparation for setting up a business. The first steps into self-employment are associated with a multitude of tasks and challenges. This includes the business plan, the procurement of information on important topics, first visits to the authorities and the analysis of competitors in the market. The aim of a business start-up fair is to give you answers to your questions. At a start-up fair you will learn new things and what to look out for if you want to start your own business.

# 2 Contacts to service providers at the start-up fair

A start-up fair is an event where everyone involved in the start-up process comes together to exchange ideas. This will give you a good insight into the spectrum of self-employment in a very short time.

If you are looking for a lawyer, a web designer or a tax consultant, you will find what you are looking for at a start-up fair. At the start-up fair you will find out which services you can use and which are the most useful for you. You will get to know some service providers directly and will receive a broad insight into the range of offers in personal discussions at the start-up fair.

# 3 specialist lectures on various topics

Whether marketing strategies, financing and funding opportunities or knowledge of tax and legal principles - with keynote speeches at the start-up fair, you will learn directly from experts what is important. You can get an insight into the basics, get inspiration from others' innovations, or seek advice. Take advantage of the bundling of specialist skills and talk to professionals about their questions about setting up a business at the start-up fair.

# 4 Valuable contacts with other founders

It is interesting and useful to share experiences with like-minded people. At the start-up fair, learn from young entrepreneurs who have already successfully started their business how they are now developing. Want to know what to do to become more profitable or which accounting program is the best? Ask how others are doing it and make new contacts at the start-up fair.

# 5 Save time with a start-up fair

A start-up fair is also a great time saver, as you don't have to go through the administrative procedures on your own. Instead, you can collect the most important information in a few days at the start-up fair, as the local authorities are often also represented at the start-up fair. You can get suggestions, have tips given and view the extensive range of offers of the exhibitors at the start-up fair.

Trade fairs, seminars, workshops & much more: You can find all important dates for founders and start-ups in our event calendar.

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