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Winged monkeys

Winged monkeys are fictional characters in Once Upon a Time. They are based on the species of the same name The Wizard of Oz.

History [edit | Edit source]

After the first curse Edit source]

The Wicked Witch of the West moves into the old palace of the Evil Queen. After learning from Aurora and Phillip that the inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest have returned, she sends her winged monkeys to take some blood from the Evil Queen. The winged monkey attacks the queen and Snow White in the forest. He takes the Queen's blood and is then chased away by Robin Hood. Later, the monkey gives the blood to the Wicked Witch of the West and she mixes it in a potion to take her revenge on the Evil Queen. ("Green is the new black")

During the new curse Edit source]

In New York City, Walsh becomes Emma's friend in human form. His true form is a winged monkey and the reason he approaches Emma is unknown. After the two have been together for eight months, he proposes to her, but she is not sure whether to accept him. When Emma, ​​with Hook's help, recovers her memories, she rejects Walsh's proposal, claiming she needs to go home and attend to matters from her past. Revealing that he knows she got her memories back with the potion, Walsh transforms into a winged monkey and attacks her. Emma pushes him off the roof, but he disappears in a cloud of smoke. ("Green is the new black")

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