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A trip to the missionary school

Interesting facts

  • About 40,000 missionaries attend the missionary schools each year.

  • At smaller missionary schools there are sometimes only around 35 to 150 missionaries at a time.

  • The Provo Missionary School has up to 2,000 missionaries at one time.

  • The Missionary School in Mexico typically has a few hundred missionaries, but the school could accommodate up to 1,200 missionaries.

  • A total of 58 foreign languages ​​are taught at the various missionary schools.

  • Missionaries who do not need to learn a foreign language spend three weeks at the missionary school.

  • Missionaries who need to learn a foreign language spend six to nine weeks at the missionary school.

Provo, Utah

Responsible for: Mission areas worldwide

Languages ​​of instruction: 57 different languages

Missionaries per year: 20,515

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Responsible for: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay

Language of instruction: Spanish

Missionaries per year: 1180

São Paulo, Brazil

Responsible for: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique

Languages ​​of instruction: Portuguese, Spanish

Missionaries per year: 3,285

Bogotá, Colombia

Responsible for: Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela

Language of instruction: Spanish

Missionaries per year: 3,434

Lima, Peru

Responsible for: Bolivia, Peru

Language of instruction: Spanish

Missionaries per year: 1634

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Responsible for: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama

Languages ​​of instruction: Kekchí, Spanish

Missionaries per year: 1599

Mexico City, Mexico

Responsible for: Mexico and some other countries in North, Central and South America

Language of instruction: Spanish

Missionaries per year: 4,848

Preston, England

Responsible for: Europe

Languages ​​of instruction: German, English, French, Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Missionaries per year: 785

Accra, Ghana

Responsible for: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, West Africa

Languages ​​of instruction: English, French

Missionaries per year: 1740

Johannesburg, South Africa

Responsible for: Kenya, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, South Africa

Language of instruction: English

Missionaries per year: 376

Auckland, New Zealand

Responsible for: Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga

Languages ​​of instruction: English, French, Samoan, Tongan

Missionaries per year: 2302

Manila, Philippines

Responsible for: Asia

Languages ​​of instruction: Cebuano, English, Indonesian, Cambodian, Mandarin, Mongolian, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese

Missionaries per year: 2,343