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We all know the story: Levi Strauss invented denim jeans. What used to be reserved for hard-working gold miners is now an item of clothing that is indispensable in everyday life. Modern cuts, expensive brands and the best materials give jeans pants the cult status that is popular and coveted. If you think you already know all the models, take a look at this list - a brilliant performance included.

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The best jeans pants in the world: If the material is right, the cut looks sensational and the color is unique, we speak of cult jeans. Today, cult jeans have little to do with the original, but are very trendy and trendy. There are many jeans available in stores, including many very cheap ones, but there are certain brands that simply offer really cool jeans. In this top 10 jeans pants list, you will see brands and parts that you simply have to have. After the stone-washed method was popular in the 80s, today it is deep blue raw demin jeans that have not experienced any bleaching. But do we want to get involved with trends here? No! Because you judge for yourself what is right for you. Do you want the cut to be snug around the leg or do you want to look like a pro skater? Do you want the waistband to sit reliably just below your stomach, or do you want it on your thighs? Do women really prefer boyfriend jeans to look like they're wearing their boyfriend's pants? Boyfriend jeans are jeans pants that have a men's cut, but were created especially for women. One could assume that girlfriends could just put on the pants of their lover, but this way it is simply more stylish, or also well suited if the lover is still a long time coming. But now to the question: Jeans sizes men inch.

What size jeans do I need?

The standard jeans size is 32/32, or more precisely W32 / L32. This size is one of the best-selling, and is waiting for the following wearers: 18 years, 180cm tall, slim and athletic. If these characteristics apply to your son, for example, the probability is very high that the pants will fit him like a glove without trying. If the young man is 16-17 years old, also slim and sporty, then it will probably be a 30/32, or even 28/32. When he is 18 years old, slim and athletic and 185cm to 190cm tall, it will be a 32/34. Mind you, this is a rule of thumb, but it usually fits exactly. Of course, there are also men older than 18 who also have 32 in their covenant, but it is often the case that in further years the covenant grows from 32 to 38. So if you wore jeans at 32/32 when you were 18, you could have 38/32 when you were 40, but luckily these sizes are also available. What size jeans do I have in inches? The first digit describes the waistband, i.e. the circumference on the belly in inches. 1 inch corresponds to 2.54 cm. The second digit indicates the length of the trouser legs. Ideally, the length should be exactly the right size and not too long so that the rear part does not fall under the shoes and be worn off. Rolling up is not common at the moment - it is best to cut it off and sew around the bottom.

Buy jeans for men

Men are extremely efficient when it comes to buying jeans. A man knows his pants size and can shop online quickly and efficiently. The ladies, mothers and friends can also take advantage of this. Just look at the size of his well-fitting jeans and surprise him with a new pair of super jeans that he will never want to take off. The basic material of a perfect pair of jeans is cotton. The raw denim gives the pants the unmistakable look and quality that pants need over the years. The seams of the classic trousers are also sewn with orange threads. Also not to be forgotten is the fifth pocket, the watch pocket. Often misused as a storage for condoms and for the gasoline lighter, this bag was actually intended for the pocket watch, which could be perfectly stowed here. Of course, there are also models that have a stretch, which is basically okay. Stretch wraps around your legs perfectly, and can sometimes hide special spots and simulate a good fit. But let's be honest - at its finest, the trousers also come across very well as an original cut, because what real jeans pro has something to hide from their body.

Top 10 men jeans

In this list of jeans you can see popular pants that men, or great women, have bought from men for their loved ones. Trendy jeans pants are available in local stores, in specialized jeans shops and of course online. Thanks to the uniform size specifications, everyone can quickly and easily buy their new jeans. All you need now is a rough idea of ​​what your new pants should look like. Should the colors be kept in a deep blue, or extreme black, or should they appear slightly washed out? In addition to the current jeans trends, your personal preference always plays the main role, because pants can also describe your own style well. Some people wear their jeans for days and like the soft, slouchy look, because that's where it is known to live best. Others put on new jeans every day and like creases, although these are quite unusual. No matter which jean you choose - denim trousers are timeless and cannot be ignored in fashion. Whether you wear expensive jeans in the office with a jacket and tie, or you are not averse to the surf look - you are always well dressed with jeans.

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