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fordreport Fordler in conversation with employees with trainees in commercial professions. Magazine for the employees of Ford-Werke GmbH


1 fordreport May 2017 Fordler in conversation with employees with trainees in commercial professions Magazine for the employees of Ford-Werke GmbH

2 Contents 2-3 EDITORIAL + NEWS 4-5 PARTNERSHIP 1. FC Köln visits the production facility in Niehl 6-9 TITEL Round of employees in the training center Editorial May 2017 Everything in its time News about current topics from the automotive industry and intelligent inquiries resulted from the The most recent round of talks with members of Ford's German management team and trainees from Ford training and further education was an interesting mix. (You can also read our cover story on pages 6 to 9.) The trainees were well informed, and the experienced managers enjoyed discussing current issues. When Ford icons like the Ford Sierra or Ford Capri celebrated huge successes both on the racetrack and in traffic, some of the participants were probably not even born, commented Wolfgang Kopplin, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, with a wink. Now, in the professional age of these young trainees, digital mobility concepts and electromobility are on the agenda of the industry. Every epoch has its themes, problems and opportunities. Fortunately, there are always people who think further, go further and look for solutions, regardless of their own age. If you can look back on a few years yourself, you can learn something from retrospect: Experience shows that some things have always gone really well, but some things simply require improvement, just because something has always been done this way, it is still far from good. And the consequence: everything in good time, and often something new. And respect deserves both experience and new, fresh thinking. Experienced workers and young people are unbeatable in the mix. ONE Team MERKENICH / CLASSIC CARS 1st master in PD; Ford at Techno-Classica PROMOTION OF YOUTH Saarlouis plant: Portrait of eight young engineers LEISURE / ENGAGEMENT 100 years of Ford tractors; Fiesta kick; Visit to FC RÄTSEL / MISCELLANEOUS Prostate prevention SAARLOUIS trainee donation; Visit COO; Safety training JUBILARE International Women's Day; Ford-Kinderbett Elisabeth Pohl editor-in-chief 2 fordreport May 2017 news

3 Chancellor Angela Merkel got to know the initiative at a home game of 1. FC Köln. Next to her Gunnar Hermann. Network We Together The Ford works support the integration initiative of the German economy We Together. The company has made a so-called sponsorship promise to promote the integration of refugees. Ford is thus one of 179 members of the network (We are delighted that we have been able to offer internships to refugees for the second year now, says Gunnar Herrmann, CEO of the Ford Works. Both of them benefit from learning and working together in the EQ program Pages Refugees and regular participants alike- PHOTO: T.Faehnrich maßen. So far, all graduates of the EQ program for refugees have found follow-up training. The focus of the commitment is professional integration. In the introductory qualification (EQ), refugees learn with regular EQ- Participants in an eleven-month full-time internship get to know the working environment of a large automotive company. They attend a vocational school and receive socio-pedagogical lessons and application training through to mathematics tutoring. Individually assigned trainers take care of the refugee participants, and they also receive German lessons The refugees came to the EQ program in March 2016 and have since found permanent employment. On October 1, 2016, the new EQ class began with currently 15 refugees among the 92 participants. The program, which has been in place since 1974, is successful: the chance of finding a permanent training course after the internship is over 80 percent. Numerous Ford plant employees are involved in refugee aid, starting in 2015 with the collection and distribution of clothing and other items, but also through mentoring and road safety for children. Many projects are also financially supported by the charitable Ford Fund. Ford GT on the long distance, Fiesta WRC at the World Rally Championship The European branch of the Ford Chip Ganassi Racing team is ready for a new challenge: its second year in the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans . Both Ford GTs of the Ford WEC works team will be competing with three drivers who will also share the cockpits in the French endurance classic. Spearhead in the starting number 66: Stefan Mücke from Berlin and team-mate Olivier Pla (F) are reinforced by Billy Johnson (USA). The second Ford GT with the number 67 will be driven by Andy Priaulx and Harry Tincknell (both GB) and Pipo Derani (BR). The goal is clear: Ford wants to fight for the world championship title that the FIA ​​is now awarding for the drivers and manufacturers' championships in the LMGTE category. With the fourth podium finish for the Ford Fiesta WRC crew Sébastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia in this year's WRC (World Rally Championship), Team M-Sport has extended its lead in the drivers' standings at the Corsica Rally, the fourth round of the season manifested its position in the manufacturer table. Defending champion Ogier fought his way back to second place on the final stage of the Corsica Rally after a technical problem with a brilliant driving performance. 3

4 Mer stonn zo dir, The team of 1. FC Köln visits Ford in Niehl The complaining of a billy goat resounded through the hall of the Ford visitor service and startled the reception committee: The unusual noise is heard after goals at 1. FC Köln and matches was the starting shot, so to speak, for the welcome of an illustrious group of guests at Ford. The 1. FC Cologne team with their coach Peter Stöger visited the Ford factory in Niehl. During a factory tour in the visitor train, the athletes were given an insight into Fiesta production, final assembly and everyday work in a large automotive company. Before that, Gunnar Herrmann, chairman of the management of the Ford works, had welcomed the famous guests in the visitor center. Afterwards, players and companions could take a look at the collection of old and youngtimers in the Classic Cars division. The classic racing models in particular aroused the interest of young visitors with their mature charm. Some of the footballers would also like to have the Ford RS 200 as a private car

5 PHOTO: F. STARK interested ...: A super great thing, it sounded in the group. In the former show corner of the Y-Halle, a special highlight of the visit awaited the employees: Marco Höger and Anthony Modeste tirelessly gave autographs to the many enthusiastic FC fans in the workforce. Your teammates then experienced the final assembly of the Fiesta on the visitor train, Höger and Modeste got on later. Trainers, players and companions received information on the main production steps at the individual stations on the site. As a vehicle sponsor and exclusive partner of 1. FC Köln, Ford is the official automotive supplier of the traditional soccer club. In the current season, too, the company is making players, coaches and management mobile with its vehicles. The cooperation with the club has existed since 1994. Ford was the club's shirt sponsor for five years from 1994 to 1999, and Ford has been a vehicle sponsor since 1995. 5

6 Interview with Forders The Ford brand and its success in Germany were the focus of a round of talks with 40 trainees in commercial professions from Ford Training and Education (FAW) and the operational head of Ford Germany: Wolfgang Kopplin (WK), Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Sales Director Raymond Damerow (RD) and Marketing Director Reinhard Zillessen (RZ). They explained the business strategy and answered the trainees' questions on the most important topics. 6 fordreport May 2017 title

7 Raymond Damerow, Wolfgang Kopplin and Reinhard Zillessen (from left) were very impressed by the expert questions posed by the industrial trainees and discussed them in detail. We find it very exciting to talk to you about your first insights into Ford, says Wolfgang Kopplin. Memories of his own history were awakened, so Raymond Damerow had started as an apprentice at the Ford factory over 30 years ago. First, an overview of the current figures: Ford has grown continuously in Germany in terms of production, market shares, profit and also the proportion of employees who drive an in-house product. The first quarter of 2017 is the best quarter since 2003 with a German market share of 7.8 percent. Ford is aiming for units sold in Germany in the current year alone, and the employees play a large part in this positive outlook: all Ford plant employees are important brand ambassadors. The well-founded questions from the trainees documented that, as well-informed young people, they have the best prerequisites to be excellent ambassadors in their area. Finally, there was an outlook on the future with new customer experiences and a fresh brand presentation, digital marketing concepts, autonomous driving and electric mobility. PHOTOS: U.NERGER Many Ford products are developed and built in Germany. But Ford is perceived more as a US American. Is that wanted? RZ: The discussion about whether we should position ourselves as a German company has been held again and again in the past. Today the question is no longer as intense as customers are aware that all major automotive companies are internationally positioned. It is important that we manufacture interesting and cool products for our customers in Germany. As a manufacturer, we want to be neither German nor American, but above all relevant. WK: Go Further is our international slogan, which was deliberately translated into German with an idea next. Like the other German manufacturers, we are also a member of the Association of the German Automobile Industry (VDA). But our customers also expect us to be globally positioned, because being seen worldwide as a Ford brand with the blue oval, from Australia to the USA, is a strength that not many competitors share with us. RZ: We are a global brand with a strong local focus. It is therefore important to us that we tailor our advertising specifically to the German market in order to exactly match the mentality of our customers. The viewer perceives this positively, as we can see from the clearly increased image values. I like Ford advertising, for example with the Youtuber JP. Why don't we advertise to celebrities anymore? RZ: Apart from the high costs involved in using a star, companies also make themselves dependent on this advertising medium. You can feel that when this person is involved in a scandal, for example. In addition, there is a risk that this celebrity will attract so much attention in advertising that the actual brand message will fade into the background. We have therefore decided to rely on a long-term brand concept in which we continuously tell likeable stories about people who play in and around our products. 7th

8 Why aren't Ford advertisements highlighting awards like Engine of the Year or Ford Ranger as Pick Up of the Year? RZ: We'll do it, e.g. via classic media. We presented the advantages of the EcoBoost motor in a TV commercial that takes place in the mountains and at the end of our commercial we highlighted that the EcoBoost motor has already been voted Motor of the Year five times. At the same time, we intensively highlight our awards through our public relations work. We also send reprints with test winner reports to dealers and customers. Why did Ford focus more on its competence in family-friendly vans in the past, and now they focus more on sporty vehicles ?! WK: Well observed! This is also based on our history. You weren't born in the 1970s when we achieved huge successes in motorsport with the Ford Escort, Capri or Sierra. Nobody other than Ford engines have won Formula I more often, Michael Schumacher won with us and became world champion for the first time with the Ford Zetec-R. This story has faded into the background, but at the latest with the victory of the current Ford GT at Le Mans, as it was 50 years ago, it was again strongly recognized. We base our super sports cars with the new performance models such as ST-Line, ST and RS and that works extremely well. In addition, we remain successful with family cars such as the current C-MAX and the Ford S-MAX, which also has a very sporty image. RD: We continue to sell family models such as the Ford C-MAX and S-MAX, but we see that performance models are also in high demand and also have a very good influence on our brand image. What about the future of the big vans? And why don't we offer a convertible apart from the Mustang? WK: We have just reissued the Ford S-MAX, and this model will run until 2023. It goes without saying that we are closely monitoring the market and CO2 legislation, which is a challenging topic, especially for large cars. The decisive question is: What attributes does a customer want in ten years? With the current S-MAX, we have enough time to analyze the requirements of the market and then find the optimal answer. Convertibles are always an emotional issue. With the Mustang Convertible we have an extremely cool model. Unfortunately, other models cannot be justified economically, and today we have to face other challenges such as electromobility or autonomous cars. Will the Cologne plant be expanded when there is more electromobility in the future? Will there be an electric fiesta? WK: Nothing has been decided before plants are expanded, the customer requirements have to be clear and the business case has to be right. But there is no doubt that the competence for electromobility is available in the greater Cologne area and also in the industrial environment. We have also not planned an electric Fiesta and it probably makes little sense - it is a challenge to accommodate the battery in a small car. The smarter strategy means electrifying larger vehicles, and commercial vehicles. In London, for example, a trial with the Transit Custom plug-in is currently under way. RD: So far, electric vehicles have been of interest to a special group of customers, such as municipal utilities and energy providers or parcel services that deal with access restrictions and only need a manageable range. Is there another model being built in Cologne besides the Ford Fiesta? WK: With four variants we are building the car as versatile as never before, and I am assuming a very successful sale. The all-new Fiesta Active in particular has great potential. The plant in Cologne will therefore be well utilized in the future. As I said, we are constantly monitoring trends and when we know what the customer wants in ten years' time, we decide where to manufacture the products. We are well positioned in the German plants in terms of efficiency, costs and quality. And we are currently investing 600 million dollars in Saarlouis, which is also an excellent location. When electric cars are built, what happens to areas like the transmission plant? WK: An important question, especially for young employees, because qualifications and lifelong learning for future challenges are becoming more and more important. There are still no reliable predictions regarding the production of electric cars. I am convinced that around 70 percent of all vehicles will still be equipped with internal combustion engines in 2030. Electrification is increasing, but initially in hybrids with mixed drives, and this requires the same drive components as in conventional vehicles. It is difficult to predict what will be in 50 years. There is also autonomous driving, which in turn confronts manufacturers with new tasks, such as interior design. The business models for digital mobility concepts also bring new and very interesting fields of employment with them. 8 fordreport May 2017 title

9 If the Ford Edge with a larger engine didn't have a lot of interested parties, I often hear that in my circle of friends. WK: We will probably not go beyond the two-liter displacement, also because of the stricter CO2 legislation. That will soon require an average fleet consumption of 95 grams and less. We then achieve higher performance with new, improved engines that enable more horsepower and, above all, even more torque. We see a similar trend towards this displacement limit with the competition. RZ: It shows in many areas how important it is to remain flexible. Digital advertising, for example, was hardly important five years ago and is now an industry that has given rise to completely new companies. For example, those who are only working on optimizing search terms. Every change brings with it new possibilities. In Stuttgart there is a driving ban for diesel cars.How does Ford deal with that? WK: Diesel has been discredited by a competitor in the industry, but that didn’t make diesel engines worse. They are very economical to use in terms of power, torque, efficiency and consumption. There will be no access restrictions for cities for Euro 6 standard engines for the foreseeable future. All of our new vehicles comply with this standard, and the last word has certainly not yet been said for Euro 4 and 5. Unfortunately, the diesel is sometimes not represented correctly, it is not the biggest air polluter in cities. We have great diesel engines that meet the strictest requirements. And: In February sales of our diesel vehicles were even higher than in the previous year. RD: The automotive industry is a very important economic factor. I have just read that the number of commuters has increased. The country would not function without cars, and that includes diesel. In addition, the electric car is not climate-neutral if the electricity comes from coal-fired power plants. We would like this discussion to be more objective and it is a fact that you drive more economically with a diesel if you drive more than around kilometers per year. How are the sales conditions for employees determined? RD: This is determined by the factory employee (WA) sales department. Employees are given a price advantage over customers on the market, and we take over the monetary advantage. We have to keep the WA discount in balance at a competitive price. For new or special models with high demand, the discount for our employees is a little more conservative. I think the digital mobility concepts like the Ford Pass app are good. The vehicle configurator on the website could, however, be improved. RZ: I see it that way too. The configurator is very important because this is where many interested parties start their journey to buying a new vehicle. That's why Ford is working on a new, attractive configurator that works globally. At the same time, we renewed the entire digital presence of our dealers last year, from Google search to online advertising and the dealer website. And with great success. In the TÜV digital report, we achieved 4th out of a total of 33 places with this website. There were only premium manufacturers in front of us. WK: There will be a new configurator this year. Does Ford promote other alternative drives such as the fuel cell? WK: We are also researching this in our Aachen Center for Future Technology, technically we could. But the drive is very expensive, and you currently have to drive to Düsseldorf to refuel. And hydrogen is highly explosive with correspondingly careful and complex handling. But this technology could also become established for mass mobility one day, perhaps by the time you retire, a lot is possible! Thank you for your attention and for the great questions! 9

10 From apprentice to master craftsman The first area in product development is the exhaust gas laboratory, which employs a master craftsman: Sandra Tadtke. I am delighted to have Sandra Tadtke, a woman in a leading position as a master craftsman, says Christian Orlowski, specialist in test methods in the field. Sandra Tadtke is now the first foreman in product development in the FEEL (Fuel Economy & Emission Laboratory) laboratory, responsible for 20 employees. It's a nice team and I like the atmosphere here, says the native of Cologne. She began her apprenticeship at Ford in 1992 as an electronics technician for energy systems, even then rather unusual: I was the only woman among the 35 apprentices on this course. Right at the beginning of the apprenticeship, they went to the work-pedagogical week together, and as a result the situation normalized completely, remembers the 41-year-old. After completing her apprenticeship, Sandra Tadtke worked for a long time in the shell construction, as an operator and team coach, in maintenance and in work preparation. She worked, made her master craftsman at Teutloff while she was working, and raised her first child: My family gave me great support during that time, and I often invited the workgroups for the master craftsman to come to me, that was the easiest thing for me, everything to bring under one roof. Demanding work content As a foreman, she is now reaping the wages for Sandra Tadtke in her office and with the team. their efforts and their commitment. The position in the exhaust gas laboratory is demanding. Due to the new, advanced exhaust gas legislation, the area is in a phase of restructuring. The stricter emissions regulations require new tasks and concepts. For example, cars have to be tested on the road under real conditions with portable measuring devices (RDE / PEMS). The planned renovation of the laboratory requires intelligent process coordination, which must align the resources with the test plans, because the laboratory must remain in operation during the renovation. Then there are the usual master activities. The question that remains is how it came about that Sandra Tadtke decided to pursue a technical profession when there were no initiatives like Girls Day or Trying: That was due to my father. I was always very impressed that he could always do everything himself. And then as a schoolgirl I did an internship at the Sparkasse, and that wasn't my world at all. PHOTOS: W. BURAT 10 ford report May 2017 Merkenich / Classic Cars

11 Attractively designed and a correspondingly large crowd - the Ford stand. Middle picture: Jörg Schreiber, Hannes Altenähr (old Ford friends) and Heribert Deutsch (from left). Ford at the classic trade fair with the most visitors There may undoubtedly be vintage car fans who never work on their automobiles themselves. The Ford stand at the Techno-Classica in Essen clearly set a different accent and was dedicated to the restoration of old cars. A so-called barn find impressively illustrated the topic of restoration: a Taunus globe in its original state after years of being exposed to the processes of transience. Right next to it, the 15 participating Ford clubs presented a perfectly restored copy of the same type. This contrast alone stimulated many visitors to report on their own experiences, to discuss methods of restoration or to get advice. In addition to car bodies, engines, axles and gearbox parts were also on display to document the topic of restoration. As always, this focus was set in advance by the Ford Clubs. These Ford fans were of particular importance at the Techno-Classica this year. Organization, transport of the vehicles and stand elements as well as furnishing and visitor care were in part in voluntary hands. Ford employees were at the booth on a daily basis and were also contact persons for the visitors. Even after 13 years of retirement, I feel so connected to this company that I am happy to do so, explains Christian Beien. Together with Erwin Klein, also a former Ford employee, he was there every day and met many people who had their personal stories to tell about the cars. Both are members of the Ford Oldtimer and Motorsport Club Cologne (FOMCC). Quality of the ancestral work Among the guests was Heribert Deutsch, whose grandfather had founded the body construction company of the same name in Cologne-Braunsfeld in 1916. The 68-year-old estimates that the company had converted around new vehicles into convertibles before it closed in 1972, including a large part from Ford. Now the founder's grandson was able to once again admire the quality of the ancestors' work on the beautiful Ford car in Essen. Experts were there for the visitors. P7 with the open top contributed by Jörg Schreiber (OSI IG). And on the occasion there was also a great discussion about the fact that the console in the middle of the interior had only been installed to stabilize the entire body, because it had become softer when the roof was cut off. The expert also knows how to answer the question of why the boom in convertibles broke in at the beginning of the 1970s: It had to do with women and fashion with pinned hairstyles and hairpieces that couldn't withstand the wind, so Deutsch. After all, the Ford stand at Techno-Classica also served a good cause. The marketing department made merchandising items available for a raffle run by Lebenshilfe Gießen. A classic Ford Transit will be raffled among the participants. PHOTOS: K-H. LOOK 11

12 Ingo Kuhn (3rd from right) with his team. The junior staff in final assembly are also welcome with a view to future product launches. Fresh ideas and scope for creativity PHOTOS: T. SEEBER All eight have a lot in common: They are young and want to get ahead. They come from Saarland, have ties to their homeland and Ford, and started their professional career as a trainee at Ford. They went on to study and it was worth it for all eight. Because now they are employed as engineers in final assembly. And of course everyone drives Ford. The responsible superintendent Ingo Kuhn is impressed by the junior staff: The collaboration is fun and constructive, because the young colleagues bring fresh ideas and they use their leeway to shape their ideas at their workplaces. On the other hand, the experienced, older employees also shape the new ones a little bit to help them grow into their tasks. At Trim and Final, all eight are responsible for a specific area of ​​the line in so-called process and industrial engineering. The tasks are varied: The young engineers help ensure that the operators on the line can assemble their parts as easily and ergonomically as possible. The processes should be so secure and clear that as far as possible no errors can occur. It is also about optimizing the workload of the individual employees. Because with product launches, for example, new work content is added, others cease to exist, and then it is often necessary to reorganize the division. One of the additional tasks is to rectify faults quickly and on the other hand. The priorities: First of all, it must be ensured that production can continue to build products without compromising on quality. Furthermore, the causes must be analyzed and sustainable remedial measures developed. The evaluation of measurement data and the creation of progression diagrams are important instruments. The engineers work on a project basis, for example when it comes to efficiency improvements or automation. This can be about calculating the amortization of a system as well as reducing the travel times of employees on the line. It goes without saying that the engineers are the contact persons for the team coaches and foremen, who of course know the challenges on the line very well from their point of view and who, in turn, make suggestions for improvement. 12 ford report May 2017 promoting young talent

13 Thomas Mees, 33, had a keen interest in technology even as a teenager, tinkering with the moped and the Märklin railroad. A student internship at Ford aroused interest in starting an apprenticeship as an energy electronics technician. He made lifelong learning a principle, he attached the technician to his training and then studied economics with a focus on production technology while working. Among other things, he appreciates the good atmosphere in his work: This is where the ONE team idea is really promoted. But he did not get the new position for free. My first application didn't work out, so you have to stick with it and start your own initiatives. The Lebacher makes proud when he has permanently eliminated a problem. After graduating from high school, Kristina Buchholz, 26, initially got a taste of a social profession at SOS Children's Villages on a voluntary basis. That was interesting, but the technology also appeals to me, which is why I decided to train as an electronics technician. Ford had the most to offer in Saarland, and she also finds the product very appealing. The Saarland native took a lot with her from her apprenticeship, and when she went to work in the line, it clicked. She decided to do a full-time degree in electrical engineering and worked in maintenance over the weekend to finance it. Private life was scarce at that time. But now she has found exactly the position in the end-of-line that she wanted. She experiences the environment at Ford like a big family. Their conclusion: It couldn't have gone better. Maik Saidah, 30, made an extraordinary career. In the summer he will finish his studies in industrial engineering, but already now he has the position of Senior Process Engineer in Trim. The Saarlouiser started at Ford with an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic. This is just my vehicle manufacturer. As a child he was already working on an old Ford Escort. Maik Saidah quickly gained a lot of experience at Ford, becoming a team leader and product specialist for new startups in the pilot plant. The overall coordination of the production engineers in close cooperation with neighboring areas such as the Ford Customer Service Division and the Pick Areas is now one of his tasks. His message: I would also like to motivate others to go further with an idea, it's worth it. Peter Etten, 29, initially left comprehensive school after completing secondary school and trained as an industrial mechanic. Since Ford is one of the most attractive industrial employers in Saarland, it was clear that I would apply here. After the apprenticeship shortened by half a year, the Losheimer quickly came up with the idea of ​​wanting to do a little more for his education. After further training to become a technician, the endurance test came: Peter Etten studied industrial engineering in Saarbrücken and at the same time went on a permanent night shift. The daily routine: Study from morning to 3 p.m., then sleep and work at 10 p.m. That went amazingly well. And the effort paid off as an engineer, and he also rewarded himself: with a new Ford Mondeo for himself and a new Ford Focus for his wife. 13th

14 Alexander Klein, 33, inherited his auto gene. As a child he helped his father, who had a hobby of restoring older cars. The brand was also inoculated, because Dad worked on models with the blue oval such as the Ford Capri and the Granada. So the Lebacher followed his father's suggestion to become a tool mechanic because that way I was very close to the bodies. Immediately after completing his training, Alexander Klein became a team coach in toolmaking. He studied industrial engineering while working. His main focus in the area of ​​the decking station is the breakdown of work processes and the analysis of the tools required. It is his dream job, but he has also learned: Developing further is not the easiest way, you have to believe in yourself. Pascal Contes, 27, has many family members in the company who advised him to hire here as well. He completed his training as an electronics technician as the best in his year. Then I treated myself to my first car: a Ford Puma. Ford met him to study electrical engineering, and he switched part-time to the engine assembly line. At the end of his studies, the Püttlinger took a leave of absence and wrote his thesis on a Ford topic: optimization options in the chassis area. This enabled me to make a lot of contacts. Pascal Contes is now the process engineer responsible for Trim A / B3. What he particularly appreciates about Ford is that it is a global company with many opportunities for further development. He would also work abroad for a while, but then back to Saarland. Philipp Gabriel, 24, has always planned to do an apprenticeship after secondary school and earn money. And since I've always been crazy about cars, of course, applying to Ford was an obvious choice. Immediately after graduating as an electronics technician for industrial engineering, the Saarlouiser switched to the weekend shift in the press shop in order to complete the technical college entrance qualification. Just getting parts off the line didn't fill my brain. After graduating, he was able to study electrical engineering. He is now a process engineer in the chassis and is responsible for processes, system availability and the acquisition of tools, for example. Most of all, I look forward to constructive discussions in meetings with my colleagues in the morning. And what is he still looking forward to? He wants to buy a Ford Focus RS. After finishing school, Christoph Bruenett, 26, was undecided about what to do next and was convinced by his father to start an apprenticeship as an electronics technician with a reliable employer. After that, the Saarland native knew what he wanted: to study without fail. He managed to shorten his training, went to the press shop and paint shop maintenance on the weekend shift and enrolled in electrical engineering / automation technology. In such a phase, only the best friends are left, so the balance of a time with a double burden. After graduation, he works as an industrial engineer and is responsible for door lines, picking areas and tire rooms. And he continues to study for the master's degree in Automotive Production. I learned a lot about Ford there. 14 fordreport May 2017 Promoting young talent

15 THE WA SALES INFORMED May 2017 WA-Leasing1 Drive a Ford for 12 months at low prices. Now also lease the new Ford Fiesta and the Ford Kuga MCA! Take advantage of all the advantages of an attractive Ford vehicle for 12 months with a monthly rate of 1% of the recommended retail price.Our recommended minimum specifications in WA-Leasing1: New Ford Fiesta Ford Kuga MCA Ford Focus Model Equipment series Motorization Equipment Ford C-MAX / Grand C-MAX - Cool & Connect - ST-Line - Titanium - Cool & Connect - ST-Line - Titanium - Cool & Connect - ST-Line - Titanium - ST - Cool & Connect - Titanium - 1.0l EcoBoost, 74kW (100PS) - 1.0l EcoBoost, 92kW (125PS) - 1.5l TDCI, 88kW (120PS) - 1, 5l EcoBoost, 110kW (150PS) - 1.5l EcoBoost, 132kW (182PS) - 2.0l TDCI, 110kW (150PS) - 1.0l EcoBoost, 92kW (125PS) - 1.5l EcoBoost, 110kW (150PS) - 2, 0l EcoBoost, 184kW (250PS) - 1.5l TDCI, 88kW (120PS) - 1.0l EcoBoost, 92kW (125PS) - 1.5l EcoBoost, 110kW (150PS) - 1.5l TDCI, 88kW (120PS) - winter Package - Winter Package - Navigation - Winter Package - Navigation - Winter Package - Navigation Further information is available from or from your Ford partner. Fuel consumption: [in l / 100 km, according to VO (EG) 715/2007 and VO (EG) 692/2008]: Ford Fiesta: 3.9-5.4 (urban), 3.2-3.6 (extra-urban ), 3.5-4.3 (combined); CO2 emissions g / km (combined). Ford Kuga MCA: 5.1-7.9 (urban), 4.6-5.4 (extra-urban), 4.8-6.3 (combined); CO2 emissions g / km (combined). Ford Focus: 4.3-10.0 (urban), 3.4-6.3 (extra-urban), 3.8-7.7 (combined); CO2 emissions g / km (combined). Ford Focus Electric: 16.4 kWh / 100km; CO2 emissions 0.0 g / km. Ford (Grand) C-MAX: 4.9-8.1 (urban), 4.1-5.2 (extra-urban), 4.4-6.3 (combined); CO2 emissions g / km (combined). 1 A leasing offer with mileage billing from the Ford Bank branch of FCE Bank plc, Josef Lammerting Allee 24-34, Cologne, at participating Ford dealers. Please speak to your participating Ford dealer for further details. The offer is only valid for factory employees with a binding vehicle order and conclusion of a leasing contract from to Applies to all new, not yet registered vehicles. Fiesta (B479), Focus (C346 MCA) and C-MAX / Grand C-MAX (C344 MCA) and Kuga (C520MCA) with a given minimum specification. Exceptions are Focus Electric, Focus RS, C-MAX Energi and LPG engines, the equipment variants Basis, Ambiente, Trend and Business Edition for all model series. For example the Ford Fiesta Cool & Connect, Lim. 3 doors, 1.0 l EcoBoost engine, 74 kw (100 PS) with winter package, recommended retail price euros, net loan / total loan amount, 99, borrowing rate (fixed) pa 1, 02%, effective annual interest 1.02%, term 12 months, mileage km / year, without special leasing payment, 12 monthly leasing installments of 174.00 each, estimated total amount 2,088.00 (sum of monthly leasing installments, possibly plus additional or minus Reduced kilometers upon expiry of the contract and, if applicable, plus compensation amounts for any excessive vehicle wear and tear; additional kilometers 0.034 / km, reduced kilometers 0.020 / km; additional or reduced kilometers remain free of charge), plus registration costs. The offer represents the representative example according to 6a Price Indication Ordinance. Consumers have a right of withdrawal according to 495 BGB. All amounts including VAT.

16 The tractor and its owner have a lot in common: At some point they both stopped counting their operating hours. Because for Carl Thelen agriculture is a passion. Robust and reliable The Ford tractor is 100 years old. The story sounds a little absurd, but it is another example of Henry Ford's business acumen and smart strategy. The founder of the Ford Motor Company had to start a new company to build tractors. He had met resistance from his business partners with the idea. He also had to buy all the rights that Ford Motor Company could have in tractors for dollars. As early as 1910, Henry Ford had six technicians work on the project in a rented barn at his own expense. Their new concept: Instead of a frame, the first prototypes had a load-bearing drive train. Henry Ford, who himself came from the country, had the first tractors tested on his own fields. He founded the company Henry Ford & Son (Forsdson) with his son Edsel. By the end of 1917 it had produced 254 type F units with four-cylinder, 21 hp and the Fordson logo. But production could be increased quickly. In order to feed the population in the Ford tractor, the patina is good to face. To secure times of the First World War, Henry Ford concluded direct contracts with states in America and Europe, in which the delivery volumes were specified. Even the Soviet Union was one of the customers. In July 1919, the Ford family completely took over the Ford Motor Company, integrated the tractor business, and dissolved Henry Ford & Son in July 1920. Many Ford tractors are still doing their job today, robust and almost indestructible. Carl Thelen from Stommelerbusch bought a used Super Dextra in 1991, the last model produced by Ford from 1962 onwards. The 82-year-old farms six and a half acres of land on which he grows ecological products mainly for his own needs. Vegetables for personal use Plow, harrow, sowing machine or mulcher are pulled by the agricultural machine with 48 horsepower across the field. The front loader, which can be used to operate a large shovel, is another great advantage. Grain, corn, potatoes, lettuce and vegetables, 150 fruit trees, bushes with raspberries or gooseberries, in short everything that the soil produces in Germany's temperate climate, is grown by the passionate hobby farmer. I am often asked why I am still torturing myself on my knees here and whether I don't want to sell the land, but for me agriculture is the most beautiful thing in the world. And the best medicine. Stommeler doesn't need pills. You can see a parallel to the tractor: It has also been doing its job well for decades, with virtually no repairs. Carl Thelen also swears by Ford in civil traffic. His work and transport vehicle is an older Ford Mondeo, which he bought eight years ago for 1000 euros and which has never let him down since then. And for more representative trips, for example to Bad Seckingen for a cure, he has a new Mondeo. 16 ford report May 2017 Leisure / Commitment

17 The Job 1 Trophy Two teams are working on different sides on a jointly successful launch of the new Ford Fiesta and decided to play football together. The two teams selected from the product ramp-up specialists from the Ford Development Center in Merkenich (PD) and the production in Niehl met at the CfB Ford Niehl. Many top managers also kicked: Among others Vic Daenen (Plant Manager in Niehl), Stefan Hummelt (Plant Launch Manager), Jon Buttress (Fiesta Chief Engineer), Lee Walker (Director Quality), Seamus McDermott (PD Launch Manager). They all delivered an exciting and balanced football game that was watched by numerous spectators. After the 1-0 lead by Robert Platz for the product launch team, the works team managed to turn the game around in the second half with goals from Sascha Götz and Kadir Dalman. In the end there was a happy but not undeserved 2: 1 victory for the factory team, which of course was celebrated frenetically and was awarded the Job1 trophy. After the game, players from both teams and spectators came together to end the evening in the clubhouse. Thanks to Ford, a home game for wheelchair users too The cooperation between Ford and 1.FC Cologne has given Caritas clients a nice Christmas present. The greatest wish of several football fans was to be able to visit a billy goat home game one day. This concern was brought to the employees of Ford production Niehl in a big Christmas campaign along with 500 other different wish lists. And the plant employees fulfilled the wishes, however: Because there were also wheelchair users among the interested parties, the campaign was not very easy to manage, reports Ulrich Möltgen. The furnishing engineer from the shell took care of the necessary correspondence and finally accompanied the five recipients and their five supervisors to the RheinEnergie Stadium. Some participants were visiting the sports arena for the first time, while others had been there a long time ago. Because: Without special support, something like this cannot easily be organized for residents of senior citizens' facilities, for example. Now the recipients could even cheer for the 1. FC Köln derby against Borussia Mönchengladbach. We all sat together in an area accessible for the disabled and could see the field very well from there, Möltgen is pleased. In keeping with the campaign, Ford was partner of the day at the home game. Accompanied by Gunnar Herrmann, chairman of the Ford management, and stadium announcer Michael Tippel, there was a goal wall shooting in the half-time break. Here, three participants were drawn from among the ticket winners of a campaign by the Ford leisure organization. 17th

18 Puzzle information The deadline for solving the crossword puzzle and the knowledge question is May 26th. Please send the answer words to: fordreport Ford-Werke GmbH, Cologne NH / 5R puzzle or NH / 5R knowledge question. Dr. Jens Fuchs, Dr. Axel Heidenreich and Wolfgang Kopplin (from left). The film room full of gentlemen Following a joint initiative by Wolfgang Kopplin, Deputy Managing Director of Ford-Werke GmbH, and Dr. Jens Fuchs, Head of Ford Health Service, held Prof. Dr. Axel Heidenreich gave a lecture on prostate cancer prevention in the film room. PHOTO: W. BURAT (Please enter your private postal address.) This time we are raffling off ten Swiss Army Knives among those submitting the correct answer to the crossword puzzle. The winner of the knowledge question will also receive it. We wish you a lot of success! The head of urology at Cologne University Clinic is an expert in this field and was happy to accept the invitation from the Cologne health service. The title Why a man should do it met the tenor of the lecture and did the rest to ensure that the hall in building I was filled to the last seat with the target audience: Rather older and almost exclusively male colleagues and many retirees had come. The professor first dealt with the cliché that preventive medical examinations are superfluous, unreliable and risky because most tumors in men develop on the prostate. About get sick every year in Germany, and about 20 percent die from it. Large international studies with test persons and over longer periods of time show that early detection leads to a significant reduction in the death rate. An important indicator for the diagnosis of danger is the so-called PSA value (prostate specific antigen) in the blood. Since this is individually different, you should determine a base value from the age of 45 and pay particular attention to changes. The tactile method and a special ultrasound of the prostate (through the rectum) provide further information to ensure effective preventive care. Many men are ashamed of themselves, but this examination only lasts a few seconds, does not cause pain and is effective. If there is any suspicion, a clarification follows, for example by means of a special magnetic resonance examination, possibly with a tissue sample. If tumor cells are discovered, individual therapy is offered depending on the risk factor. As with all types of cancer, the greatest danger is that metastases will form in the body, explained Axel Heidenreich to the visitors. Following his discussions, the speaker had given them plenty of time to answer their questions. The fact that this offer could have been used vigorously and certainly could have lasted even longer shows how important the topic is and especially prevention: it can save lives! No need to be embarrassed: Prevention is vital. So, go on the offensive and have it checked once a year! The winners of the crossword puzzle in the February issue with the answer words Innovative Processes: Thomas Coenen, Emil Edler, Karsten Fröschen, Maria Fuchs, Nils Fuljahn, Werner Kruppa, Dieter Paul, Winfried Pfaff, Rene Steinbuechel, Klaus Unterwieser. The winner of the knowledge question is: Kurt Klinz. The correct answer is: Shell construction. Congratulations! Toni Schumacher, Vice President of 1. FC Cologne, is committed to prostate prevention 18 fordreport May 2017 Rätsel / Nachrichten

19 deep unconsciousness male pet Ford pony car indian. Arrow poison 11 Kfz-Z. Hanseatic City of Stralsund Sports coat Tool handle Branches, quick, flexible Smooth skin (surgical) Crossbar a. Sailing mast rural settlement goal that will never be achieved world spice plant 1 north america. Deer type fish bones cooking, baking instruction before, r earlier 12 nice, tender swing bar brown dye game round very old book of the bible part of Vietnam 13 number without value of its own Ireland in the national language Rhine tributary in Switzerland earth species, building material friendly sign Kfz-Z . Central African. Republic designation, designation digestive tract commercial: actual inventory Kfz-Z. Mansfeld- Südharz luxurious accessories prickly animal view diagonally played ball b. Tenni s 7 sayh. Island in the far north 8 When did 1. FC Köln become champions in the 1st German Bundesliga for the first time? Urgency note Kfz-Z. Wilhelmshaven vehicle registration number Holzminden Kfz-Z. Schleiden Increase 9 span .: go !, on !, hurray! Entrepreneur (press) small bridge Gatte Kfz-Z. Merseburg program file- water channel in the Wadden Sea ending atomizer liquid team sport building extension Elbe- inflow university students angry, stupid figure in the bat state in the Middle East immeasurably mixed drive mother of the poor 1997 part of the church most beautiful woman of the Greek capital in Europe 2 east frz. Borderland of bloodshot strips of ancient Egypt. King's name milky, not transparent Tree covering comfortable, dear, worth training Hunting success part e. Garment part of the barn 6 5 svd your solution:

20 trainees donate On the open day of the training workshop, the trainees eagerly baked waffles and distributed them to the visitors for a small donation. The proceeds of this campaign have now been donated to the initiative to support children with cancer in Saarland e.v. forgiven from overriding. The association supports families with children with cancer with financial needs or organizes excursions for the little patients and their siblings. For this reason, the trainees were sure that their donation would be particularly well received there. And so Markus and Peter Leidinger, treasurer and assessor of the association, received a check for 600 for their association. Metal department head Rolf Schmitz and trainees Ellen Pecorino, Jasin Dereli and Hilal Altintas hand over the donation to Markus and Peter Leidinger from the initiative to support children with cancer in Saarland e.v. from Überherrn. PHOTOS: G. KIEFER Visit of the COO In March, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) Ford of Europe, Steven Armstrong, visited the Saarlouis plant to get an idea of ​​the implementation status of the 600 million euro investment in the location. He affirmed the trust that has grown in the management and workforce of the Ford Saarlouis location. And Armstrong pointed out the great opportunity that the proposed six extra shifts would offer to strengthen the company's reputation even further. On this first visit to the Saarlouis plant after his appointment as COO Chief Operating Officer, Ford Europe, Steven Armstrong was deeply impressed by the multitude of projects that are related to the launch of the new Focus. The stabilization of the production volume in the last few weeks is further evidence that the workforce in Saarlouis is facing the challenges and can master them. Souvenir photo between 47 years of Saarlouis automotive history: (from left to right :) Dirk Heller, Linda Cash, Steven Armstrong, Rainer Höfner and Kerstin Lauer. 20 ford report May 2017 Saarlouis

21 It looks macabre, but is intended to raise awareness of potential hazards: a simulated pedestrian accident with a forklift truck. The appearance of the doll is analyzed. Safety first On the occasion of the European safety campaign on the subjects of pedestrian safety and hand injuries, a local pedestrian safety campaign was also held in Saarlouis. During the shift change, the employees at gatehouses 1 and 3 were confronted with a simulated accident between a pedestrian and a forklift truck in order to make the employees more aware of the issue of safety. The dangers that exist daily inside and outside the production halls due to the internal transport have been clarified. At the same time, the existing safety rules for pedestrians were pointed out with promotional flyers. In the case of in-house transports, logistics planning aims to make them efficient and safe. Avoid unnecessary transport Only use forklifts where it is absolutely necessary to separate the paths of pedestrians and industrial trucks to ensure safety in the plant: by applying the safety rules or by reporting dangerous situations or near-accidents. If you have any questions, supervisors or occupational safety representatives can be contacted. Employees, supervisors and plant management have a common goal: Everyone leaves the plant at the end of their shift as healthy as they entered it! Let's work on it together! All measures reduce the risk, but do not avoid it entirely. That is why internal transport remains a hazard in everyday work with residual risk: It is all the more important that pedestrians and drivers of industrial trucks or production vehicles know and apply rules of conduct.Employees are invited to PHOTOS: C. KLEIN 21