What is synthetic rubber made of

What is rubber?


Rubber is made up of elastic polymers from which rubber is made. The term rubber, which comes from the Central American Indian languages, is composed of cao - tree and ochu - tear and means something like Tear of the tree.

The oldest finds of objects made of rubber date from around 1600 BC. In addition to the ball, the Central American indigenous peoples also invented tubes and vessels. They used natural rubber as an adhesive to make shoes.

Next Natural rubber are there many synthetic rubbers. To obtain natural rubber, the rubber tree is scratched and a kind of milk, too latex called, emerges and is caught.

The liquid substance is vulcanized on site and brought into a solid state by heating it in ovens to 100 degrees Celsius, whereby it can still expand to five times its size. Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are the main producing countries for natural rubber.

How is a latex mattress made from rubber?

Today rubber is used primarily for the production of rubber used including car tires, seals, balloons, gloves, shoe soles and inner tubes. But latex is required for the manufacture of mattresses, which makes up 12% of rubber recycling. For this purpose, the rubber is vulcanized, i. H. Made resistant with the help of heat and pressure.

After vulcanization, the rubber is still at high temperatures viscoelastic, at low temperatures it has a high elasticity on. Chemicals such as plasticizers, fillers (e.g. carbon black), flame retardants and dyes can also be added to rubber.

What are the advantages of rubber?

The advantages of rubber lie in its visco-elasticity, which means that the rubber does not completely return to its original form. In addition, he is exceedingly water repellent and durable. In addition, rubber adapts perfectly to the body and relieves pressure, which makes a latex mattress perfect for people with back problems. The spine is relieved, the body is supported.

As rubber is poured into heating pens and heated, ventilation channels are created that form a optimal air circulation and guarantee ventilation. Its moisturizing and climate regulating properties ensure that the sleeping environmentwell tempered and moisture is absorbed and evaporated on the opposite surface. Because latex materials often antibacterial such a mattress is suitable for Allergy sufferers.