What's your least favorite Halloween candy

My Opinion: You're celebrating Halloween the wrong way!

You drink, stuff sweets into yourselves and throw eggs at fudder author Kyra Leibham. She has bad news for you: You're doing everything wrong!

American Halloween is portrayed very spectacularly in television series. Children go from door to door in costumes, threaten the residents with "trick or treat" and collect their sweets with a broad grin. Many parents stay at home to open the doors to the sugar zombies and make sure their own children come home with enough tooth decay and diabetes.

Young people are too good to walk from door to door. You go to house parties and wake up the next morning in the neighbors' garden. Childless couples enjoy the evening and dress in extremely imaginative and flattering couple costumes. Singles rock at parties drunk and in revealing costumes from one potential place to stay to another.

For many young people in Germany, Halloween has become another reason to party and drink. Although most of them don't really need a reason for it. The rest of the year they get drunk just for the fun of it. And for people who want to have fun: Audacity is not funny. A few years ago my front door was pelted with eggs. Probably because I didn't open the door for them. But to this day I am not entirely sure whether it was a protest against me as a vegan or really just an uncomfortable prank.

"Nothing is cuter than sticky little vampires."

Rumor has it that this ’romantic’ version of Halloween actually does exist - also in Germany. Halloween, when neighbors turn on their lights on the evening before All Saints Day and hand sweets to sugar zombies, who are accompanied by parents. Note: These are nice, unarmed sugar zombies who don't throw eggs. My heart opens. Nothing is cuter than little sticky vampires.

I would also look forward to such a Halloween. When I was a child, that didn't exist in Freiburg. I only knew about moving the houses from the St. Martins move with my kindergarten group.

This year I'm doing everything right. I will draw a circle around my house with salt and wrap my front door with cling film to protect myself from potential attacks. The lights stay out for me, I can eat the pack of licorice bats in the dark. You won't get me this year, sugar zombies!