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It was November 6th, 2017 when a short man by the name of Andrew Yang announced that he wanted to become the next President of the United States of America.

Since then, a lot has happened. A hitherto unknown son of Taiwanese immigrants is mixing up the ranks of Democratic presidential candidates. It is unusual, undogmatic and fresh. And he's damn cool. The internet knows that too. The "Yang Gang" - the informal name of its following in the virtual and real world - is growing day by day. And with it his chances of running for democracy.

We give you ten reasons why only Andrew Yang can defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Say what? You heard right. Only Andrew Yang can save the Democrats.
No. Not Joe Biden. Not Kamala Harris. Not Bernie Sanders. Not Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. No. Only Andrew Yang can make America Blue Again.

Are you ready? Hold my beer.

1. Andrew Yang has the best analysis for Donald Trump's victory

What did we not all have to listen to after Donald Trump's victory?
He is the pioneer of fascism in the White House. After all, wrote an eminent conservative columnist (does anyone else know Robert Kagan?).
Others changed political camps out of fear. Still others declared Trump not to be Hitler, but at least a Mussolini-Light.
Okay cool.

Then we persuaded ourselves that we were responsible for Donald Trump's success ourselves: We elected a black woman as US President and a woman as German Chancellor. We made a dark-skinned Muslim Mayor of London and elected a proven feminist Prime Minister of Canada. And the French President, whom we have celebrated, can now be photographed with black drag queens.
Because we forgot our roots and got rid of ourselves, people really had no choice but to vote for Trump. Incredible?
Don't ruin my story with your logic.

Andrew Yang has a better explanation.

“The explanations go something like Russia, Facebook, the FBI, maybe a dash of Hillary Clinton thrown in there. But I looked at the numbers ... and Donald Trump is our president for one simple reason: We automated away 4 million manufacturing jobs in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, all of the swing states that Donald Trump needed to win.

Not Angela Merkel, but the digital revolution bears the main responsibility for the rise of Trump. Yang even wrote a book about it. It's called "The War on Normal People" and is exactly about that fact. On around 280 pages he explains why and why the US of A have lost millions of jobs due to automation - especially in swing states, which recently helped Donald Trump to victory.
The Obama White House published a report in December 2016 that 83% of all jobs that earn less than $ 20 an hour are affected by automation. Ergo: Between 2.2 and 3.1 million car, bus and motor vehicle drivers could at some point be replaced by self-driving cars. 95 million Americans are already unemployed. Only 62.9% of all Americans are currently employed. The US of A is well below most industrial economies - and roughly on par with El Salvador.

Donald Trump's main narrative was simple but catchy:
The American dream is dead. Everyone screwed you.
We have to make the US of A strong again. The system is broken.

Washington has let you down. I came to save you.

Indeed, Donald Trump managed to benefit from the feeling of being left behind. A feeling that continues to this day, by the way: According to this year's survey by RealClearPolitics, a majority of Americans are still concerned about the future of the American dream.
"Some 37% of the poll’s voters said the American dream is alive, but under threat; 28% said it's under serious threat, but that there's still hope; 7% said it is dead; and 27% said it is alive and well. "

So it is above all digitization which is the main reason for the American unrest, which ultimately led to the victory of a seemingly authoritarian figure like Donald Trump. But Donald Trump is not just authoritarian. One quality in particular helped him achieve a breakthrough within the party.

2. Andrew Yang is the Democrats' disruptive candidate

Even the nomination of Donald Trump as a Republican presidential candidate made our heads burst. The Grand Old Party gave us Rick Santorum, she gave us Sarah Palin, she gave us George W. Bush. And then came Trump. His appearances were disruptive in the best sense of the word. Donald Trump insulted great Republican men of honor like John McCain and turned the veteran establishment against him. His appearances not only turned traditional republican values ​​upside down (Trump would even date his daughter, as you know), but ultimately also the entire party.

Andrew Yang's nomination as a Democratic presidential candidate could mean the same thing. The 44-year-old entrepreneur has already given a foretaste of this. Even before Julian Castro in the CNN Democratic Presidential Debate"Adios" to Donald Trump, Andrew Yang created a true punk rock moment with his closing statement.

“Instead of automation in our future, We're up here with make-up on our faces and our rehearsed attack lines, playing roles in this reality TV show.
It's one reason why we elected a reality TV star as our president. "

While Hillary Clinton is still a potential Trump voter Deplorables insulted, Yang renounces character judgments. He looks for the faults in the system, not in the people. He knows something about communication, as Kevin Kruse correctly recognized.

For Andrew Yang, Trump is not the problem. Rather, Trump is the symptom of the problems facing the American working class. And their frustration with established politicians. It is no coincidence that this is reminiscent of the slogan with which Trump was able to mobilize masses of non-voters: Drain the swamp.

And while most of the American media outlets are discussing collusion again, Andrew Yang is far less interested in the Russian Probe.
He sees himself as a problem solver. And presents simple but convincing solutions.

3. Andrew Yang is the candidate of the internet, not the mainstream media

It's paradoxical. Although, according to current surveys, Andrew Yang is not only ahead of Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg with students, he does not get the media attention he actually deserves. According to the latest surveys, it is already eight percent. Even die-hard Republican strategists pay him tribute. The established media, however, continue to give him the cold shoulder.

Although the internal party election campaign has only just begun, the Yang gang has already created the first hashtags to highlight the media bias towards him. Under #YangMediaBlackout, Yang's supporters criticized the fact that the unconventional hope from New York had not been listed several times, even though he was in the top 6. In a survey by Quinnipiac University, Beto O'Rourke only received about 1%. Andrew Yang for 3%.
Rourke was listed. Only Andrew Yang was missing. Oops.

CNN: "We have decided that if @AndrewYang didn't exist, these would be the top 6 from the Quinnipiac poll, so despite Yang polling 3% in this poll, there is no point in displaying him in the top 6." # YangGang # Yang2020 # WhoIsAndrewYang?

- Scott Santens🧢 (@scottsantens) August 28, 2019

Krystal Ball even stated that there was a "persistent pattern of ignoring Yang’s candidacy“Would exist among the mainstream media. And then there was the incident with the microphone in the MSNBC debate. Andrew Yang wanted to speak up several times, but indicated (during and later) that his microphone was switched off. This caused a great outcry.
And for the hashtag #LetYangSpeak.

A LOT of Americans donated their own money to get @AndrewYang on stage just to have @MSNBC mute him. If you want to talk about an attack on our democracy, we don’t even need Russia in the conversation anymore #LetYangSpeak

- The 4th Surf Ninja (@ joshyjosh2009) June 28, 2019

While many media companies gave Andrew Yang the cold shoulder as far as possible, the Internet has already chosen Andrew Yang as the winner:
"Andrew Yang keeps winning the Internet Primary."

Do you remember when Donald Trump successfully presented himself as the mainstream media's greatest enemy? We can only speculate whether a new DNC scandal is already looming in the obvious disadvantage of Andrew Yang. What we haven't forgotten, however, is how little Donald Trump received at the beginning. How much we all laughed at him.
And how surprisingly he won in the end.

. @ AndrewYang is getting minimal media coverage and drawing north of 5 thousand to his rally’s. Remember how wrong the media & polls were about trump. #yangganghttps: //

- Ruslan 🧢 (@RuslanKD) October 1, 2019

4. Andrew Yang is used to being the self-deprecating outsider

In the duel with Donald Trump there was always little to gain for Hillary Clinton. That was also because even rhetorical flyweights like this short Texan were capable of more self-irony than Mrs. Clinton. Robotic Hillary, on the other hand, laughed as if on command - especially whenever she received the toughest insults.
That seemed tense to the max. Andrew Yang, on the other hand, is just who he is.

I was going to answer this, but I was cut off by Pete Buttigieg before I could say, "No." # YangGang @ andrewyang # LetYangSpeakhttps: //

- Steve Marchand 🧢 (@marchandsteve) September 15, 2019

Authentic. Undogmatic. Difficult to classify. That could be difficult even for a propaganda battleship like Donald Trump.
He also openly admits:
During an appearance in West Virginia, Donald Trump announced that he dreams of having a Democratic presidential candidate like Joe Biden as a competitor at night. There is only one stroke of human being that he should really be afraid of: "The only thing I worry about is that some totally unknown that nobody ever heard of comes along."

Andrew Yang could be this one totally unknown guy be. This so far only virtual somebody inspires his followers like a rock star. When Yang mentions Microsoft Powerpoint during his hypothetical State of the Union, the crowd calls out the name of the software. For him, "Math" doesn't just stand for math and smart economics - it stands for "Make America Think Harder".

Yang is not part of the long-established D.C. ranks of the Clintons and Bushs. Yang is not a fortunate one. Yang is the son of Taiwanese immigrants. Yang was bullied as a student for years. Yang jokes about himself. About his past, about his professional failures. And - now you have to be very strong - even about racist stereotypes. Yang is used to standing in the ring with unfair debaters.
This is a clear competitive advantage over a bully like Trump.

I am the candidate to beat Donald Trump because I am laser focused on the problems that got him elected in the first place, but I'm his opposite. What I am saying is that the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math. # YangTownHall # / XisKU9aB9h

- Andrew Yang🧢 (@AndrewYang) April 14, 2019

5. Andrew Yang is liberal, but not a social justice warrior

A decidedly relaxed approach to what is common political correctness is part of the plan for Yang. While many democratic candidates want to score with advances in identity politics, the son of Taiwanese immigrants remains relaxed - and always has national unity in view. Not only does he consider himself self-deprecating "Asian Guy who loves Maths" titled: He is unusually understanding of obviously racist jokes - and is against kicking people out for obvious misconduct.

Would you like an example? Shane Gillis, a below-average comedian, was recently hired on the popular comedy show Saturday Night Live. In fact, he had a knack for racist and homophobic humor in the past. Even more than that, Gillis made fun of Asian accents and cursed Yang as a "Jew c *** k."

Gillis was fired before he even appeared on the scene.

And yang? He dares the impossible balancing act: He criticizes Gilli's statements and at the same time attests that American society has a tendency to over-punish.

I think we have, as a society, become excessively punitive and vindictive concerning people’s statements and expressions we disagree with or find offensive. I don't think people should be losing jobs unless it's truly beyond the pale and egregious.

- Andrew Yang🧢 (@AndrewYang) September 15, 2019

This not only ensured approval within its own ranks.
Yang, however, took it calmly and insisted on his point of view.
And invited Gillis to a joint discussion.

6. Andrew Yang could also win over Trump voters

When Donald Trump was supposed to take over not only Swing State Ohio, but also Florida and North Carolina on election night around 2 a.m., we rubbed the sleep out of our eyes in disbelief. When he had Pennsylvania in his pocket at half past seven we were utterly disturbed. The really disturbing thing, however, only followed in the next few days. Far too quickly it became a foregone conclusion that Trump was so successful because he was able to count on a high percentage of white, blue-collar, below-average, male, non-urban voters. The narrative was unanimous: it promised them jobs, secure borders and the recovery of their honor. The plebs answered his prayers. And crowned Trump the winner.

However, this story has its quirks. Trump did not benefit from an unusually high level of approval alone white voters.He benefited from Hillary Clinton's lack of attractiveness. Urban, minority and well educated - these characteristics always applied to regular democratic voters. Above all, however, to those who did not even vote in 2016. Although Trump was despised, Hillary did not seem to be thought of much more than that. These "Surely-I-am-a-democrat, but I dislike Hillary"It was the electoral group that made Trump the winner.

In contrast to Hillary Clinton, Trump will be able to rely on his regular voters in 2020 with a probability bordering on certainty. Trump’s "non-traditional base", the moderate Republicans, got their tax cuts. The religious right got the Supreme Court. With Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh two reasons were nominated to fly again for Trump. Just the most authentic Trump supporter that blue-collar, lower-middle-classvoter didn't get what he wanted yet.
The so redundantly announced wall (read: isolationism) is still a fence-under-construction and theSwamp (read: populism) has not dried up either.

But even if the particularly populist-inclined clientele of Trump voters were disappointed by Trump. Who should you prefer? Joe Biden? Elizabeth Warren?

Here, too, Andrew Yang has a clear competitive advantage.
He's not a classic left-or-right candidate. He wants to go forward.

With his major talking point in particular - the millions of jobs being cut in rural areas due to advancing digitization - Yang is addressing a point that Trump voters, who did not vote for him primarily because of his isolationist attitude, could reach.

7. Andrew Yang is the moderate version of Bernie Sanders

Not only progressive commentators agreed early on that Bernie Sanders would have better chances of the US presidency in sparring against Trump than the usual suspects. The surveys also speak a clear language.

But there is a problem for 2020. The likelihood that Sanders could assert himself internally this time is to be assessed as low. As was the case four years ago, the Democrats are once again in the process of tearing themselves apart internally. Most recently, Bernie “Feel the Bern” Sanders even had health problems. And had to go to the hospital. This reminds us of unsightly conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton's state of mind.

Andrew Yang is also an avowed Bernie Sanders fan. In 2016, the IT entrepreneur clearly spoke out in favor of Sanders. Some of Sander's endeavors - increasing the minimum wage for tech companies as well as higher taxes for tech giants - can also be found with Andrew Yang.Andrew Yang can also score points, especially when it comes to topics of the so-called millennials, who voted particularly strongly for Sanders - climate change and health care.

Donald Trump believes climate change is a hoax. Donald Trump is an idiot.

- Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) August 10, 2019

At the same time, moderate Democrats, who fall into the #NeverTrump category, may feel put off by Sander's un-American image. In particular, the word “socialism”, which is still a deterrent for very understandable reasons, not only in the USA (and which Sanders always proudly boasts) would be a hit for many an election campaign Grand Old Party

Here, too, Andrew Yang offers an alternative. Not only does he contradict Sanders where he considers Sanders to be statistic and old-fashioned: for example in a demand for a Federal Job Guarantee for every American citizen.

Bernie ignores the facts that money in our hands would 1) create hundreds of thousands of local jobs and 2) recognize and reward the nurturing work being done in our homes and communities every day. He also assumes that everyone wants to work for the government which isn't true.

- Andrew Yang🧢 (@AndrewYang) August 27, 2019

In fact, Andrew Yang is miles away from being a socialist. He clearly shows that he is on the side of capitalist progress and describes his program as "human-centered-capitalism".

In terms of foreign policy, too, many Truman Democrats would give Bernie Sanders a bad report. But here, too, Andrew Yang impresses with more moderate positions. Much of what Yang says could also be found in Joe Biden. And guess who is Andrew Yang's favorite president? A Republican of all people: Teddy Roosevelt.

8. Andrew Yang is a philanthropic entrepreneur

When I had the pleasure of chatting with Richard Grenell, the American ambassador to Germany, in the spring of this year, I remembered one of his statements in particular: "We Americans love comeback stories and entrepreneurs."

For this reason too, Donald Trump cultivated and cherished his image as a successful entrepreneur like no other. While there are good reasons to doubt your track record, the vast majority believe that your success is not yours. But while Donald Trump always treats his employees like dirt not only as US President, Andrew Yang can score above all through his philanthropy.

At the tender age of 44, Andrew Yang already had an impressive résumé in the private sector. After completing a mandatory law degree and founding a failed tech startup, he became CEO of an $ 11 million company that was later acquired. Just after that, he founded the non-profit Venture for America, which retrained college graduates to later work in start-ups. Andrew Yang’s main concern revolves around his idea of ​​a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to counteract the massive effects of automation. $ 1,000 a month - that's what every American citizen over the age of 18 should get to pay bills and study. As an ongoing experiment, Yang is paying for the UBI out of pocket. Most recently he announced this in front of the camera.

While Donald Trump's personality is a thing of its own, Andrew Yang has an extremely philanthropic worldview. In contrast to the incumbent US president, Yang does not have a family with often dubious business interests, but an autistic son. And a start-up that helped people find a job. Andrew Yang is the good-humane antidote to Donald J. Trump.

9. Andrew Yang already has a memorable brand essence

While Hillary Clinton struggled to create simple, memorable narratives four years ago, Trump's monosyllabic messages were soon on everyone's lips.

We build a wall. We make America Great Again.

What does Elizabeth Warren actually stand for? For a "Foreign Policy for All"?
Your platform is all about taxing the rich more heavily. A proposal that naturally enjoys a high level of support. Hopefully “Eat the Rich” has already been ruled out as a title. And Bernie Sanders ‘campaign with the by no means pretentious title“ For the 99.8% ”sounds more like Occupy Wall Street than a serious suggestion.

Of all the democratic competitors, Andrew Yang already has the most memorable headlines:
We automated away millions of jobs. $ 1,000 a month. For every American.Humanity First.

And also his central project, that Universal Basic Income, has already convinced conservative commentators in the past.

10. Andrew Yang is not an establishment Democrat

Today one thing is finally clear to us: The poor performance of Hillary Clinton was also an expression of a clear vote against old clusters in Washington D.C.
A vote against the political establishment.

This fact could also play into Andrew Yang's hands. Because until a few years ago, Andrew Yang was involved in politics in Washington D.C. to do nothing at all.
If anything, he didn't come into contact with politics until 2012. At that time, he was named "Champion of Change" by the Obama administration for his work as part of Venture for America. Three years later he was even dubbed the “Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship”.

Andrew Yang is named White House Champion of Change by the incumbent US President Barack Obama. April 26, 2012. Public Domain.

Anyone who has been in the political limelight for a long time soon loses their shine. Anyone who has to compromise too often also loses their credibility. And if you stand in the flash for too long, you quickly lose your magic. So will most democratic competitors.

Joe Biden? The Creepy Uncle Joe.
Bernie Sanders? The gray-haired socialist.
Elizabeth Warren? 0.001% Indian-American.
Kamala Harris? Anything but a progressive prosecutor.
Beto ‚O Rourke:“ Born to be in it ”, or at least“ sorry that he said he was born to be in it ”?
Tulsi Gabbard: Secret meeting with Bashar al-Assad.
Cory Booker: Weed. Weed. Weed.
And Mayor Pete? It's just annoying.

Let's talk Tacheles.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren.
They face the same fate as Hillary in 2016.

Andrew Yang, on the other hand, would be an experiment - also for the Democratic Party. Much more than that, Yang would be what Trump was for Hillary Clinton: unpredictable, undogmatic and unusual.
Like Trump, Andrew Yang was inexperienced in many areas.
But even in 2016, years of experience in the political business (Clinton) were not what counted, but clear messages and a great vision.

Andrew Yang would be a very tough opponent for Donald Trump.
And he must have big hands too.

cover photo
: Andrew Yang speaking with supporters at the Des Moines Register’s Political Soapbox at the 2019 Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa. Gage Skidmore. CC 2.0.

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