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Objective - Abstract - What is good art?

Conversation on art
Report from July 1st, 2012
Barn bodies
Moderation: Heinz-Jürgen Myl

In the series "Talks on Art" of the Dammer Kunst + Kultur-Kreis e.V. on Sunday, July 1st. Around 20 people interested in art came to the Leiber barn to give insights into the valuation of art under the eloquent moderation of Heinz-Jürgen Myl, here on the occasion of the current exhibition by the Korean Sun-Rae Kim.
One thing quickly became clear: whether old or modern, art must always be seen against the historical background in its development.

If in the past painting works were created in large quantities in so-called “painting factories”, today a different understanding of values ​​is prevalent and the diversity of the most diverse art is accessible to everyone. On the basis of a clichéd image from the 1950s, there was a lively discussion as to whether it was art or just for decorative purposes. Against the background that when the republic was rebuilt, the home had to be decorated, which was definitely a branch of the art industry back then that was not to be neglected.
Today, new forms, materials, manufacturing techniques and, above all, new approaches (= ideas) certainly play a major role in the art scene.

Based on a 3-D sculpture by Ralf Lake, which the art circle bought, it was quickly agreed that it is exciting to look at this sculpture more closely and to see it from different perspectives. The shape and color quickly appealed to the viewer.

As a contrast, Myl had brought a picture from Constructivism by the Osnabrück artist F. Vordemberge-Glidewart: minimalist rectangles and triangles in color and arrangement so securely on the paper that it was not possible for the viewer to add or omit.
The final basic question was always: Would you bring this work of art into your environment?
The answers were always diverse, just as art is: some of the people in the discussion were looking for relaxation, others associated the work of art with the tension that you can always discover new sides to something if you only deal with the matter once and for all discussed it with other interested parties.

So it was a successful conversation and the Kunst + Kultur-Kreis thanked everyone for the exciting conversation.

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