How is gold melted and why

Melt down gold and silver!

A moneyGold customer does not come into contact with this process, as the purchase is still in its raw state. A melt will only be carried out when we can group together many shipments that have been bought up by customers. This text is much more about the fact that we want to show you that our work is far from over with the purchase of precious metals.

We have a lot more to do before we can get the precious metals back into circulation. The melting process of dental gold is also associated with a lot of effort. Especially if a lot of dental gold with tooth substance is sent in, it must first be removed. This is time-consuming work that has to be carefully done by hand. Fortunately, we have numerous experts in our laboratory who have years of experience, so that nothing stands in the way of conscientious processing.

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Even if you have nothing to do directly with the smelting of gold and silver when you sell precious metals. Order a free shipping bag with no obligation and benefit from our very high purchase prices. You will quickly notice that will offer you a professional and secure processing of precious metal purchases. Active in the market for many years, we can usually guarantee our customers a transaction within two to four working days. Please also read our customer ratings if you are interested in our way of working and the opinions of our customers.