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Shuri is the princess of Wakanda. She is the daughter of T'Chaka and Ramonda and the sister of T'Challa.

She is probably the smartest person in the world.

History [edit | Edit source]

Black Panther Edit source]

Shuri is T'Challa's little sister and helped him fight Klau. With the help of the vibranium, she was able to set milestones in vibranium research and, among other things, designed the new Black Panther outfit for T'Challa. She also fights Killmonger and saved Everett Ross's life.

Avengers: Infinity War [edit | Edit source]

Shuri has to take the thought stone from Vision, because Thanos is on his way to earth to get that stone. If Wanda Maximoff were to remove the stone by force, Vision would die as a result. During the removal, she is attacked by the allegedly dead Corvus Glaive.

She probably died from Thanos' flicking.

Avengers: Endgame [edit | Edit source]

Shuri's annihilation was undone by Hulk's finger snap and recorded it, along with the other heroes, in the final battle with Thanos. In the final of the battle, Tony Stark dies and is buried. Shuri attends that funeral.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Edit source]

follows ...

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Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • In the comics, first appearance in Black panther # 2 (May 2005), (at least those written before the film), Shuri was not a scientist, but temporarily succeeded her brother as the Black Panther. In later comics, she even had the ability to transform into a flock of birds.
    • In the Marvel Mangaverse-Comics turns out to be the version of Dr. Doom as T'Challa's evil sister T'Channa, who killed the real Doom and took his place after teaching her all of his knowledge. T'Channa is apparently an evil version of Shuri.
    • In the comic series Exiles, which is about editions of superheroes from alternate realities, dives into Exiles # 11 from 2018 on a villain team from different dimensions on an evil Shuri who, after the death of her T'Challa, seized power and became a female version of Killmonger. Outwardly, she's a mix of Shuri and Killmonger from the MCU.
  • Shuri built Bucky Barnes' artificial arm when his from HYDRA was destroyed by the Avengers.
  • Shuri has been called the brightest person in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by the producers. She is said to be even smarter than Tony Stark.