Is pride a form of arrogance

The pride

"Now look at this vain peacock! How he struts across the meadow! What he imagines! His feathers are not that beautiful either. I like the proud lion over there in his cage better. The magnificent mane and his majestic power make him a really proud figure. " Various proud figures are not only found in the zoo. People, too, sometimes show exaggerated pride or show true pride. It always depends on the context.

False pride

Are there good reasons to be proud of something? If not, it is more likely to be false pride. For example, if a son or daughter drives an expensive sports car for which dad or mom paid a very high, proud price, then that is by no means a reason to show off and burst with pride.

Often such a child of rich parents did almost nothing for his car himself, but still had a very high opinion of himself. Then it is easy to say: what a show-off! It is also a sign of false pride when someone is unable to admit their own mistakes. Some people just can't manage to just say: "I'm sorry, I guess I did something wrong." Instead, it proudly proclaims: "I don't understand what you mean. I did everything right."

Real pride

The case is different if someone studies for weeks on a difficult math exam and works really hard. Those who then pass the exam with a good grade can be really proud of this achievement. So if it is real pride, an achievement will be assessed. Friends and relatives say, for example, after passing an exam: "But now you can be proud of yourself!"

Proud like Oskar is not only the little child who, after a long period of practice, can finally keep his balance on the bike in front of his grandfather. Grandpa also stands by with a swollen chest and remembers with childlike pride how he himself learned to ride a bike. Back then in Berlin he was as proud as Bolle when it finally worked. By the way, nobody has found out exactly where the phrases "proud like Oskar" and "proud like Bolle" come from. Anyone who finds the source certainly has a reason to be proud.

Mortal Sin Pride

In the Christian religion, pride is one of the seven deadly sins. Anyone who is arrogant, haughty, arrogant and proud is considered a bad person. Modesty and humility, on the other hand, are considered virtues.

The well-known story from the Bible about the building of the tower in the ancient city of Babel is an example of what happens when people aim too high and overestimate their abilities. Because the tower was being built higher and higher, in the end it collapsed and all was lost. One thinks of the Bible proverb: Arrogance comes before the fall - which means something like: If you ask too much, it can be very dangerous.

Proud and sublime

However, some people seem slightly haughty because of their proud demeanor. Head held high, upright and straight, he or she moves. Rigidity expresses his or her proud look. Not infrequently, however, the looks of others stick to such a proud appearance.

The largest ship in the world of its time also made a proud appearance: the Titanic. Without proudly billowing sails - because the Titanic was a steamship - we set off on the journey. At the proud speed of 21 knots, which corresponds to about 39 kilometers per hour, she drove across the Atlantic to New York. If the passenger ship had reached New York, the arrival in the port of Manhattan with the many proud buildings in the background would certainly have been a magnificent sight.

The national pride

Yes, and one form of pride should not be forgotten: the Americans have it, the Brazilians too - and so do many other nations. We are talking about national pride. In Germany, national pride is a politically difficult term that should be used cautiously. The reason for this lies particularly in the time of National Socialism.

"I am proud to be a German, a German." With this sentence people of other nationalities should be excluded at the time. So anyone who thinks they are better than others just because they are German has no reason to be proud of it. On the other hand, a lack of pride is also dangerous. Because then someone is all too easily tempted to humiliate themselves.

It's all about the right amount

Whether true, genuine, false, missing, exaggerated pride or national pride. In the end, as always in life, it all comes down to the right amount. There is nothing wrong with being proud in and of itself. Only when the pendulum swings too much in one direction or the other is pride unhealthy.

Questions about the text

Which expression does not exist?
1. Someone blows up with pride.
2. Someone is almost bursting with pride.
3. Someone walks with a swollen chest.

Michael wants to go on a cruise. For this he has to ...
1. Pay a proud price.
2. Practice strutting so as not to get seasick.
3. Be proud of yourself.

What kind of pride isn't there?
1. real pride.
2. ugly pride.
3. lack of pride.

Work order
Six of the following adjectives go well with pride. Which? Make example sentences.

conceited - self-confident - submissive - submissive - humble - modest - reserved - arrogant - sublime - arrogant - haughty - subtle