Why would someone have killed Jeffrey Epstein?

"Injuries very unusual for suicide" : Expert doubts US millionaire Epstein's suicide

A forensic expert has doubted that US millionaire Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. The evidence rather indicated that the investment banker had been murdered in his prison cell, said the reviewer hired by Epstein's brother, the Fox News channel.

Michael Baden thus contradicted the official findings of the authorities, according to which Epstein hanged himself in a New York maximum security prison in August.

Epstein's injuries suggested a death from strangulation, said the former New York coroner who was present at the autopsy. Several breaks in Epstein's neck, especially the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage, are "very unusual for suicide".

Epstein committed suicide in his prison cell in August, according to New York Forensic Medicine. He was charged with various sex crimes in the United States. If convicted, the US millionaire would have threatened up to 45 years in prison. Epstein's lawyers and his brother question the findings of the forensic medicine.

Forensic medicine contradicts

New York forensic chief Barbara Sampson stuck with her assessment on Wednesday. The forensic medical examination was "thorough and complete," she said when asked by the AFP news agency. "There is no need for a second medical examination by our agency."

The 66-year-old Epstein had good contacts with numerous politicians and celebrities, including the British Prince Andrew and US President Donald Trump. He is said to have sexually abused underage girls and young women and incited them into prostitution for years. A number of women in the USA raise serious allegations, according to which Epstein passed them on to friends and acquaintances as "sex slaves".

Immediately after his death, doubts about a suicide were raised. It has been speculated that he was murdered so that he could not divulge compromising information about some of his prominent acquaintances. (AFP)

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