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Corporate policy : Disney buys Marvel

Mickey Mouse and Spider-Man are moving in together: the entertainment giant Disney is buying the comic book company Marvel Entertainment for around four billion dollars. With the takeover, Disney should get the rights for all more than 5,000 Marvel characters, the company announced on Monday. In addition to the traditional comic business, Marvel has been particularly successful with film versions in recent years, which usually bring in several hundred million dollars per strip.

In the film business in particular, however, it will take a while before Disney can really benefit from the most famous Marvel characters: The comic publisher had already entered into production partnerships with major Hollywood studios. These partnerships will continue until they expire, stressed Disney in a telephone conference. This means that the "Spider-Man" films will continue to be released by Sony for the time being, the "X-Men" strips by competitor 20th Century Fox and the "Iron Man" sequels by Paramount.

The Disney Group wants to close a gap with the Marvel takeover: While the series "Hannah Montana" was a huge success with girls, the group has so far had a much worse grip on the boys' target group. Also not to be underestimated is the possibility of developing new attractions with the Marvel heroes for the Disney theme parks. With the takeover, Marvel gets access to the Disney marketing machine, with which even more fan articles can be sold.

Marvel is Disney's first major acquisition after the acquisition of the animation studio Pixar (including "Toy Story", "Finding Nemo") from Apple boss Steve Jobs. With the takeover for $ 7.4 billion in Disney shares, Jobs moved into the entertainment giant's board of directors as a major shareholder and the Pixar creatives occupied leading positions in Disney's animation division. dpa

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