Is it really an advantage to be alone?

5 reasons why it's nice to be alone

Singles are "alone" by definition. These reasons show that this has nothing to do with loneliness. Because: Those who can be alone with themselves draw strength from it for being with others.
on 02/09/2016, 5:01 p.m.

1: Nobody tells you how to live your life

Freedom is probably the best thing about being alone. Nobody likes to admit it, but in a relationship you sometimes feel obliged to spend time with the other. Relationships can often limit us when they shouldn't. It is all the nicer not to have any obligations in this regard. But even in a relationship, it's great to be able to withdraw from time to time and be able to think.

2: Make plans - without restrictions

It is often very pleasant to have a lot of time to yourself to think about yourself and everything that you have heard and read. Making plans or reflecting on the past is important for our personal development. It's nice to have some peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle around you.

3: Being alone makes us stronger

Just because you enjoy being alone doesn't mean you are not a sociable and fun person. On the contrary: those who are often alone and stand on their own two feet also know better what they want. And that can only be a big advantage.

4: Take time for yourself

Everyone should take time for themselves - and being alone is part of that. That is a problem in our society: Many people can no longer concern themselves with themselves. But if they did, they would come to important conclusions, namely: What needs do I actually have? I would like to? If we were to use being alone in this way, many people would certainly be able to accept it more easily and say: "Okay, now I'm all alone with myself and my thoughts, plans, wishes ..." We're all in a hamster wheel. We work it all day, have stress, come home exhausted. Who really takes time for themselves? We can draw strength from being alone, even if we are often not aware of it.

5: Being alone is not being lonely

Loneliness is not wanted, but being alone is. Loneliness almost means feeling abandoned by everyone. On the other hand, being alone is pleasant - and liberating.

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