Can I pay cash for Go Jek

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Taxi driving

Driving a taxi was "almost" yesterday in Indonesia's major cities. With the Grab or Gojek cars (similar to Uber, which are no longer available here), an inexpensive taxi replacement can be easily ordered using the app.

Download the app, enter the start and destination and the price, driver with car and the waiting time until the car arrives are displayed. However, since the driver sometimes calls back and they usually do not speak English, we have always asked for a car in hotels or restaurants. It worked great, everyone has the apps and the super friendly Indonesians always did it quickly. Many thanks again at this point!
The prices we paid in Jakarta were between 12,000 and 40,000 IDR, i.e. about 0.60 to 2.50 euros.

Taxi rides are around 10 more expensive in Jakarta. The taximeters start with a basic price of 6500 IND, so Grab or Gojek are cheaper, especially for short journeys.


Domestic flights

If you don't have endless time, you can hardly avoid domestic flights in Indonesia. Small example: We wanted to go from Medan to Palembang on Sumatra. That is a mere 1400 km on the road - about 32 hours of driving time. Anyone who knows the streets of Sumatra does not want that. Really not.
However, if you want to book flight tickets online, you will quickly run into the problem of paying. Paying with the usual credit cards (Visa / Master etc.) is not possible! But there is a very simple way and that leads to a supermarket!

Here is the procedure:

  • Online booking through the website of the airline of your choice. Despite our not so good reputation, this was often Lion Air, simply because they offer the most and the cheapest domestic flights. A little more about Lion Air below.
  • The payment option at the end of the booking Convenience store choose. You will then receive a booking confirmation with a payment code. At Lion Air you then have about 3 hours to pay in an Alfa Group supermarket (Alfamart, Alfamidi, Lawson, Indomaret).
  • So off to the next ATM, get enough cash and then to the supermarket. Hold the booking confirmation on your smartphone / computer under the nose of the friendly cashier and pay. If that doesn't work in one supermarket, just go to the next one. You can find them on almost every corner here.

Immediately afterwards the ticket is in your e-mail inbox. Good flight!


Lion Air

After a machine crashed in 2018, I did a little research. The Lion Air Group comprises around 300 aircraft. That is, conservatively estimated, around 900 flight movements per day. The penultimate crash was 14 years ago. The risk seemed acceptable to me. I always made sure to fly during the day, I find visual contact with the earth advantageous for the pilots. If you want to fly more safely, you can switch to Garuda Indonesia. However, their ticket prices are often almost twice the price of the Lion tickets.


Go by train

On Java, the train is also ideal for some routes. Comfort, cleanliness and safety are absolutely comparable to flying. Jakarta Gambir station, for example, is of a higher standard than Berlin's main station.
All connections, prices and the online booking itself can be found on the wonderful site rome2riotake care of. The payment procedure is identical to that for flying, only in this case you only have about 30 minutes to pay, otherwise the payment code expires. So it means that you have already found the supermarket of your choice and have already filled your pockets with money before you make the online booking! Price example for the Jakarta - Yogjakarta route: 500,000 IDR (around 31 euros).
At the train station you first have to check in with your online tickets at a machine and print out the paper tickets. Then passports and tickets are checked at the entrance to the trains. There is no baggage control or security gate. Then the best thing to do is to ask one of the many railway employees for the right platform. The wagons are air-conditioned and equipped with adjustable individual seats, the legroom is much greater than in the plane.

If you want to use local trains, for example from Yogjakarta to Solo, the procedure is much easier. Go to the station 2 hours before the train's departure, look for the counter with the destination (there is an A4 sheet of paper on the counter with the city name on it), pay in cash and receive a ticket. A pass is not required for this.

Good Trip!