What is the city of Yiwu famous for

The bullet and the opium

"The restless souls of 1989, the victims of 1989, my brothers, the fathers and mothers of 1989, blown away in heaven, underground, rain and wind as they were, I bow to you." Liao YiwuAm early On the morning of June 4, 1989, the Chinese government mobilized the People's Liberation Army to crush peaceful demonstrations by tens of thousands of students demanding more freedom and democracy. They carried out a massacre in Tiananmen Square that shocked the world. The Chinese government never disclosed how many people rolled down the tanks, how many students were shot or beaten to death by soldiers. Liao Yiwu, who wrote a poem about the massacre and was imprisoned for four years, secretly conducted interviews with eyewitnesses and relatives of the victims for years. The result is a shocking and moving testimony to the unbelievable events of June 4th and a bow to the courageous people who stood up for their convictions with their lives. ”This book belongs in the luggage of all those members of the government and economic experts who are constantly involved in the 'aspiring China 'and cannot be enthusiastic enough about the change in this country. "Peter Rappert, Aachener Zeitung" His book is a memorial. "Herbert Wiesner, Die Welt / Literary Welt" For the longing for a better and more just life Liao Yiwu's interlocutors pay a heavy price. In his sensitive book they receive recognition and appreciation for the first time. «Niels Beintker, Deutschlandradio» An epic monumental work emerges from the collection of conversations - a Chinese odyssey in which Liao is Homer and Odysseus at the same time. «Detlev Claussen, the daily newspaper» The total political He countered the cover-up of the demonstrations of 1989 with total publication. «Katharina Borchardt, Deutschlandradio» Liao's band will become standard should there ever be an internal Chinese dispute on this topic. «Roman Halfmann, HR-online

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