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Actors who make crazy sums of residuals

Robert Pine is the definition of "working actor" or "character actor". He's never been a star or a leader, but you've seen his work for sure if you've ever watched TV. Pine has appeared in over 500 television episodes since the mid-1960s Force Suspense Theater to Superstore. In between he showed up Murder, you wrote, gunsmoke, veep, beverly hills, 90210, and Good morning, Miss Bliss. If he's best known for anything, it's for his longest running TV role as Sgt. Joe Getraer on the classic, cheesetacular, and oddly capitalized cop show from 1977-83 Crisps.

In a 1998 feature on the world of residuals for the Los Angeles Daily News (reprinted by the Chicago Tribune), Pine revealed that his checks were everywhere, from the "stamped on the envelope bigger than the rest of the inside" to huge gusts of wind. Overall, Pine said his remaining checks were enough on their own to fund his daughter's college education at UCLA. After graduation, he still made so much from the endless repetitions of his old job that he had enough to send his son to college.

By the way, this son is Hollywood A-lister Chris Pine.