Why is IT compliance important

What does an IT Compliance Manager do?

Some IT compliance requirements are based on legislation, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which in recent years has sensitized society as a whole to the topic. The Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) or the Telecommunications Act (TKG) provide generally applicable standards that the IT infrastructure of every company must meet. For example, it must have data protection-compliant communication and storage processes, valid licenses and digital security standards for employees.

In addition there is Industry and area-specific requirements such as professional secrecy or minimum requirements for risk management in the banking sector (MaRisk) and telecommunications (VaRisk). Also from Certifications, Contracts, internal company conventions, Commercial customs or one Code of Conduct, i.e. a corporate commitment, there are IT compliance requirements.

So you first find out what exactly the IT compliance requirements of the company you work for are. With the topics of data protection and information security in your viewfinder, you take one holistic view of company processes before, take a look at the organization as well as the employees: inside, the operational processes and of course the technicians deployed for this. You work closely with the IT security, risk and governance managers and also provide support Audits, so systematic risk and Weak point analyzes. With all of this, you may notice critical aspects that endanger IT compliance. This can be, for example, expired software licenses, but also maintenance deficiencies in the hardware, the infrastructure or the services. You also have the roles and authorizations on your screen, because the human factor should never be underestimated as an IT security risk.

You record all of these requirements seamlessly and then start optimizing. In doing so, you will address all relevant aspects and initiate processes that prevent company data from reaching the outside world without protection. For comprehensive data protection and a high level of information security, you implement an integrated management approach based on the standard that is important to you ISO / IEC 27001. Its core actually describes your approach perfectly: Plan, Do, Check, Act! Because IT compliance is a process that never comes to a standstill, but lives from continuous improvement. You take care of fields like archiving and data backup, the License management and copyright that Employee rights: inside regarding the technical infrastructure: telephone, e-mails, mobile devices and much more.