Love to buy branded products

Why customers buy - 8 reasons to make a purchase decision

4 - Satisfying curiosity

There is no one who is not curious and we are always looking for new ones Products or experiences that arouse our interest, spur us on and move us forward. Nobody really likes to be up to date with yesterday's booth. Not in vain is NEW one of the favorite terms in the advertising industry and one again and again strong motivation to buy. Customers like to see new things, experience new things and buy new things, because they have the feeling that they are among the first to be able to use the goods, the product or the service. So if you can offer news, emphasize that it is NEW - maybe not for you, but definitely for your customer. So use language patterns like:

  • "Your new product"
  • "Experience the new experience of ..."
  • "Give the new product XY a chance, you will love it."
  • "The new generation of product XY."


5 - Maintaining convenience

Curiosity is an incentive, but can also represent a certain hurdle for extremely comfortable people if it is related to exertion, for example with precise information about a product. Therefore, maintaining comfort can also be a motivation to buy. After all, there is enough stress and bustle in life, which is why most people enjoy spending their free time easy, comfortable and especially effortless want to get to their destination. It is your job to enable this convenience by making statements like:

  • "We will fulfill your wishes safely and, above all, comfortably."
  • "We deliver everything reliably and conveniently to your home."
  • "Don't bother, we'll be happy to do that for you."


6 - Achieving or maintaining health

“Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.” There is a lot of truth in this proverb. The buying motive of health is very pronounced in almost all age groupsthat you can live without the necessary health or beauty cannot enjoy or realize. It is therefore not surprising that arguments for good or better health in sales have a beneficial effect. After all, the health industry is also one of the most booming areas, and not just in Germany. If your product contributes to the health of your customers, then emphasize statements like:

  • bio
  • vital
  • healthy
  • invigorating
  • Naturally
  • beneficial
  • sustainable
  • constructive
  • beautifying
  • Etc.


7 - pursuit of profit

Everyone wants to be a winner, everyone wants to feel success and feel really good with it. Even the impression that someone has a noticeable advantage or is really saving money with a product gives them the feeling of real profit. This buying motive is not surprising either, because it is what the highest emotional response triggers that you can bring about in B2C as well as in B2B. Therefore, in addition to signal words such as:

  • free / free / free
  • economical / economical
  • Your big advantage

also purchase incentives such as:

  • "Get a 20% discount if you take them away immediately."
  • "If you buy today, you get an XYZ for free."
  • "We not only have the best price, we can also deliver the product to you at no extra cost."
  • "If the order value is over XY Euro, the service is included for free for the next Z months."


8 - Desire for company

Like the need for security, the desire for company is one of them basic needs of every human being. Nobody wants to be alone or even lonely, our social connections are the icing on the cake when it comes to joy, recognition and affirmation. We literally love to share events with others and to exchange ideas. This powerful social factor is a strong motivation to buy, without which the travel or adventure industry, for example, would no longer have a chance. So awaken the need for company in your customer and you can do that with statements like:

  • you and your family
  • You and your friends
  • Experience together / together with ...
  • Be there
  • Millions of others cannot be wrong, see for yourself ...