What is your favorite classic food

Favorite foods that make you happy!


Favorite food to feel good and enjoy

Everyone has it and can't get enough of it: a favorite food! Whether savory or sweet, this one meal is just right for those days when things just don't go smoothly and we urgently need a helping of happiness or consolation. The thought of the beloved dish is often enough to make you feel better.

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You alone decide which food makes you happy. Listen to your gut feeling instead of counting calories. If you eat colorful and varied, enjoy in moderation and stay relaxed, you are doing everything right. Forget general dietary rules, because you are unique! Your stomach craves lavish soul food? Then enjoy pudding or pasta to the last spoon. Not in the mood for raw food? Then trust your body and nourish it with soup instead of salad.


Pre-cook your favorite food for cloudy days

You don't cook your favorite food every day. But if you do next time double the portion To prepare your favorite food, you can freeze the leftovers for those days when you need a tasty, delicious treat for your soul. And you always have something in the freezer to look forward to!

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