Undertakers have free wifi

Surfing in the large housing estate: Gesobau provides free WiFi

Märkisches Viertel. Reading e-mails, using social media, surfing the net - anyone who is on the move with their mobile device in the large estate can now. Gesobau has activated ten WiFi hotspots in the Märkisches Viertel - which can be used free of charge.

At the Märkisches Zentrum, at the Ribbeck-Haus and at the Gesobau headquarters in Wilhelmsruher Damm 142: According to Gesobau, the hotspots are at the main traffic points and central squares in the large estate. Thanks to the new installation, the Märkers themselves, but also all visitors, can now access the Internet free of charge, with all the options it offers. Posting, checking emails, researching, surfing, reading news - all of this is possible without a password, user name or registration for anyone who dials into the unencrypted WLAN network "GESOBAU free Wi-Fi MV".

An automatic redirect to the login page with the terms of use will appear on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Whoever confirms it, activates his device for the wireless network and automatically dials in to all hotspots. After 24 hours, however, you need to log in again and agree to the terms of use.

After a successful test phase, WLAN is now offered permanently

“Our new service is very popular in the quarter”, is an initial assessment by Gesobau CEO Jörg Franzen. “In mid-December, the first expansion stage went into operation on time, as we announced in May as part of the completion of the modernization. After a successful test phase, we can now offer the free, open WLAN permanently. "

"With this service, we are continuing to implement our online strategy," adds Irina Herz, head of the responsible business unit at Gesobau. "Since 2011, our tenants have been able to report repair needs and rental matters via the online tenant service around the clock. This modern, unbureaucratic and sustainable online feedback option is used extensively. With the new WLAN hotspots in the district, the usage rate will certainly continue to increase. "

The WLAN hotspots in the Märkisches Viertel were installed by the "abl social federation", which, among other things, also implemented the free WLAN within the S-Bahn ring in Berlin.

The ten hotspot locations are located in Senftenberger Ring at house numbers 3, 12, 13, 44e, 54 and 70, at Finsterwalder Straße 13, at Wilhelmsruher Damm 111, 142 and 228. According to Gesobau, other locations are being planned.bm