Can we cure retinitis pigmentosa in Ayurveda?

My Eye Book (eBook, PDF)

Meir Schneider, today a recognized vision expert and eye therapist, is himself the best example of the success of his method, because at the age of 17 he was almost completely blind and nevertheless cured himself of his serious eye disease with a sophisticated, intensive training program. In the meantime he has helped many thousands of people to see better and has thus attracted international attention. This book, written with passion, is aimed on the one hand at everyone who wants to see as well as possible for as long as possible - with a simple prevention program in 10 steps as well as many practical tips and illustrated instructions. Extra: The eye relief program for all VDU workers. Meir Schneider is particularly concerned with people with eye diseases or malformations. Based on his own experience, he has developed tailor-made therapy programs for them. They help with myopia, farsightedness, presbyopia, astigmatism, strabismus, retinal detachment, diabetes-related vision problems, optic nerve inflammation, vitreous detachment, glaucoma and cataracts, macular pucker and macular holes as well as retinitis pigmentosa. And more good news: The programs also show "positive side effects": Not only does vision improve - those who use the programs often gain a relaxed view of life and have intense, lively experiences. A book for self-help that also offers therapists, alternative practitioners and doctors new treatment options.

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