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17 things you only understand if you weren't your typical girl

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Painting nails is one of the most complicated things to do on earth.

1. All you have to do is put on some lipstick and suddenly everyone is telling you how chic you look.

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"I just put a little bit of color on my lips. Just take it easy."

2. In fact, the same thing happens when you wear a dress.

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3. You have yet to master the ability to apply eyeliner.

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And you can't understand how some people get their eyeliner perfect on the first try.

4. This is you trying to understand the shape of your face.

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It seems like there is a whole science to do with the proportions of our faces that only a select few actually understand.

5. You have two hairstyles: ponytail and open.

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Everything else is beyond your capabilities.

6. Walking in high heels is not your greatest talent.

It's like walking on a tightrope, only worse and sillier

7. You consider painting your nails to be one of the most complicated things on the face of this earth.

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When you actually paint your nails, you just paint the whole finger and peel off the residue in the shower.

8. Dolls weren't exactly your favorite toys when you were a child.

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You never thought dressing up and brushing your hair off a piece of plastic was funny.

9. You only have one dress for formal occasions.

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And you wear it in every wedding, communion and family celebration photo from the past five years

10. People are quick to ask about your sexual orientation.

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"Hey, are you a lesbian?"

Boy bye.

11. This is what your closet looks like:

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You probably have a pair of heels that you've hidden somewhere and dig out once a year.

12. These are the only pieces of "jewelry" you own:

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And you love them because they were a friendship gift!

13. You never identified with princesses.

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Since you were a child, people have asked you why you are dressed like a boy.

14. The whole world wants to give you a makeover.

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"You would look SO gorgeous with a little makeup!"

"I like myself for who I am. Thank you very much."

15. Occasionally someone would say "Excuse me, young man" to you.

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Just because you have short hair ... —__—

16. You admire all of your friends who have a talent for applying makeup like a master.

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You are secretly jealous. :(

17. But you also love to be the "unfeminine" cracker that you are.

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You are awesome. Never change ❤️.

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