What is jacquard fabric

What is jacquard?


Jacquard (partly also jacquard) is a certain type of weave for fabrics that enables a design with complex patterns and goes back to the inventor Joseph-Marie Jacquard. Various fabrics can be woven using this technique, such as silk, viscose, cotton or synthetic fabrics. Typical jacquard fabrics are:

brocade means that shiny threads in gold or silver are used. As Matelassé a fabric is called if it is a pattern on the right side of the fabric. damask is a jacquard pattern in which warp threads and weft threads alternate, so you can create figurative patterns. With this type of weave there is a positive and negative effect, which is how it is created on the front and back opposing patterns. In Germany, the Curt Bauer weaving mill is known for its beautifully woven fabrics. The manufacturer produces articles in jacquard weave on special weaving machines using various techniques.

The history of jacquard fabrics

1805 the French Joseph-Marie Jacquard invented a loom with which one could weave large patterns. These looms were able to move the warp thread freely with the help of punch cards, what a revolution compared to conventional dobby machines. He was also able to improve the loom so that he had a Punch card control that could weave the same pattern indefinitely. With the previously common cam roller, large-scale patterns were extreme expensive and practically priceless.

The punch card contained all the important information needed to weave the desired jacquard. The needle scanned the card and raised the thread at a hole and lowered it if there was no hole. This made one possible machine manufacturing of complicated and infinitely large fabric patterns, which at that time when most weaving patterns had to be made by hand, a Big relief for Weber. Furthermore, machines were developed in the following decades that enabled machine patterns for knitted fabrics. The woven articles became much more affordable. The favorable changes of web patterns on the same machine made one possible far-reaching industrialization the textile industry across Europe.

Jacquard advantages at a glance

  • noble and luxurious look
  • walking and resilient
  • Cotton jacquard is very easy to care for
  • Has silk jacquard ideal climatic properties

Use of jacquard fabrics

Jacquard fabrics can be used in any area of ​​the Textile processing be used. The list of areas of application for jacquard fabric is long, ranging from bedding, bed linen and upholstery fabrics to jackets and tablecloths. The noble appearance gives a feeling of luxury and is therefore very popular with high-quality products. The complex production of the jacquard fabric is reflected in the price. The costs vary depending on the fabric used, so an item made from silk jacquard is of course more expensive than a similar product made from cotton jacquard.

Jacquard fabrics are also used in very high-quality bedding such as eiderdown duvets or pillows. Most of the time such luxury goods are silk jacquard, a fabric that is optimal because of its optimal quality Climatic properties and a special feel contributes to an excellent sleeping atmosphere.