How about if Jet com differs from JustFab

Amazon gives marketplace retailers more freedom in the product detail pages and negotiates with food suppliers in Bochum, Zalando is preparing video streaming and DocMorris is planning vending machine pharmacies.

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Amazon: The e-commerce giant is negotiating with other regional food suppliers - including in Bochum - to expand Amazon Prime Now, the "Lebensmittel Zeitung" claims to have found out. Meanwhile, the in-house analysis institute "LZ Retailytics" estimates that Amazon Fresh and Prime Now could achieve sales of around 90 and 70 million euros respectively by 2020. The Rewe Group - for comparison - then has a turnover of 60 billion euros. >>>

Amazon: Some marketplace dealers will be able to use their product detail pages more extensively and freely in the future. This "A + content" was previously mainly known to those who use the Amazon vendor program and accordingly act as a supplier for Amazon. >>>

Zalando: The fashion mail order company has had the "Vizions by Zalando" brand protected. The Berliners had poached Amazon's instant video boss Jim Freeman last autumn and now seem to want to step on the gas in the field of video streaming. The first experiments with moving images have been around for a long time - for example with the regular style inspiration "Chloe's Favorites". >>> Exciting commerce

DocMorris: The Dutch pharmacy fright is planning the latest digital offensive in Germany: vending machine pharmacies with video advice. Customers can use them to collect their online orders and, if desired, consult pharmacists via video. >>>

Hit Master: The new Hitmeister owner Real stamps the old brand down. The marketplace can be found at from February 15th. The new branding is only one thing - because marketplace retailers are suddenly faced with competition from Real. >>>

Whale bush: By customizing its newsletter advertising, shirt specialist Walbusch has increased its conversion rate by 71 percent. Net sales increased by around six percent. The customized campaign benefited above all from what are known as "Next best offers", in which, based on previous purchasing behavior, it is predicted at the right time which product could be offered to the customer next. >>>

N26: Smartphone bank users complain about the slow customer service. The bank explains this with the account transfer of 200,000 users and praises improvement. >>>

Publication: The operator of the two e-commerce platforms Stylefile, an online shop for sneakers, streetwear and media, and Big Tree, a shop for outdoor clothing and accessories, exceeded the sales threshold of 50 million euros for the first time in 2016. Compared to the previous year, this means growth of over 50 percent. For this year, the planning envisages an increase of 40 percent. >>> Press release

Bosch: The household appliance manufacturer presented "Mykie" at the CES, an approximately 40 centimeter high kitchen assistant that helps with the recipe search, projects the recipes as step-by-step instructions on the wall and communicates with the Home Connect household appliances from BSH, to preheat the oven independently, for example. Small catch: the digital kitchen elf is still just a study. >>>


Amazon: The e-commerce giant wants to integrate retailers into its Amazon app as part of its "Amazon Commerce Services". For this purpose, online retailers can integrate so-called place cards in their newsletters, which users can click on and then access a mobile shop or an app that looks and feels like that of the retailer, but is actually the app from Amazon. The hope of the e-commerce giant is to sell the retailers the in-house payment service Amazon Payment and thus earn even more money with every sale. >>>

Amazon Alexa: Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa was the star of the CES. CNet commentator Seamus Byrne believes it could take a while before she takes over the world. By the way, the latest ability of the virtual lady is to order food at Amazon restaurants on demand. >>> /

American Apparel: Amazon and Forever21 both appear to be interested in the bankrupt fashion brand American Apparel. In 2015, Internet Retailer estimates the brand had online sales of $ 62.1 million. >>> Internet retailer

Gap: The fashion brand has teamed up with Google to experiment with VR. With the help of Google's "Tango" technology, with which digital images can be embedded in real environments similar to Pokemon, Gap wants to enable its customers to try on clothes. BMW also announced a cooperation with Google Tango. The Munich-based car maker wants to bring its e-car i3 closer to customers. >>>

JustFab: The subscription e-commerce retailer has won 45,000 new subscribers through a cooperation with the TV reality show "Project Runway". The parent company TechStyle, which also operates the ShoeDazzle, Fabletics and FabKids brands, has a total of almost four million subscribers. >>>

Wal-Mart: Following the takeover of, Wal-Mart is continuing its strategy of increasing its own expertise in digital commerce through acquisitions. For 70 million dollars,, the direct competitor of the Amazon subsidiary Zappos, moves under the umbrella of Shoebuy sells over 800 brands. >>>

Google: The Internet giant earns an impressive twelve billion dollars annually by brokering flights and hotels, according to the "GoogleWatchBlog" from the quarterly figures. The good thing about the model: Google not only earns per click, but also collects an unknown percentage of the revenue generated. >>> GoogleWatchBlog

McDonald’s Switzerland: The Burgerbraterei has created a new app for digital natives. It contains current promotions, competitions, events, discount campaigns and the fastest route to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant. The vigorous advertising drum is having an effect: in the first week, the app made it to number 1 in the Swiss app stores of Google and Apple with 85,000 downloads. >>>

Barnes & Noble: The US bookstore chain reports online sales growth of a meager two percent in the run-up to Christmas. Stationary it was even worse: Sales were below the previous year's level. >>> Internet retailer

Benjamin Kapelushnik: Still a teenager, he's already making a million dollars on sneakers on Instagram. His secret recipe is his good relationships with rappers and their children. >>>

Inwido: The Swedish window and door manufacturer is expanding into Ireland and the UK online at and The company is also active in Germany under as well as in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. >>>


Christmas returns: By mid-January, the level of returned online orders is 40 percent above normal, reports the digital association Britkom. A new study by Cologne-based EHI retail research shows: 70 percent of the returned items can be reused as A-goods for customer shipping. The rest has to be refurbished, sold off as cheap items or disposed of straight away. This results in at least a three-digit million loss for the industry. >>>

Online services: Every seventh consumer in Germany now books household services online, according to a study by Bitkom. In particular, tutoring is often booked through apps or websites. >>>

Drone logistics: The CDU is considering setting up test areas for drone deliveries. At the same time, Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) wants to introduce drone driving licenses. >>>

Omnichannel: 46,000 US consumers surveyed confirm that multichannel customers are worth more than customers who only buy on one channel. On average, they spend four percent more on every stationary purchase and ten percent more on every online purchase than comparison customers who only use one channel. The willingness to spend increases with every channel that a retailer offers. >>>

Vietnam: High-speed internet and the increasing spread of smartphones and other smart devices are causing e-commerce sales in Vietnam to skyrocket. According to a joint study by Google and Temasek, the market grew 29 percent last year and could reach a whopping $ 11 billion in 2025. >>>

Email Marketing: In the USA, online retailers are sending significantly more post-Christmas e-mails this year than before. The number of campaigns between December 26th and January 2nd rose nearly 87 percent, according to eDataSource. >>> Internet retailer

Music: In the USA, for the first time, more music was streamed digitally last year than was bought online or in stationary stores, market researcher Nielsen Music determined. Overall, the number of titles streamed rose by 76 percent year-on-year to 250 billion. >>>

Bots: Anyone who gives their bot a name should be careful when it comes to baptism. Because it could make a difference in the relationship whether a bot is called Siri or Bessie. And even written names can have a different effect than pronounced. >>> TechCrunch

Food delivery services: Online delivery services like Foodora and Deliveroo bring food from more and more restaurants to the hungry at home. But the appetite for ordered food could get restaurateurs in a mess. >>>


$ 2.6 billion in three days - That's how much Jeff Bezos' stake in Amazon increased in the first three days of the new year. Investors seem to like the many CES news about Alexa and the good Christmas balance of the e-commerce giant: On the stock exchange, Amazon is now worth more than the ten traditional retail chains Macy's, Kohl's, Sears, JCPenney, Nordstrom, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Dillard's, Gap and Target together. >>> /


"I love this little girl, the way she says, 'Alexa ordered me a doll's house'".
news reporter Jim Patton did on the US news broadcast "CW6" in San Diego this sentence unintentionally triggered a series of orders on Amazon. Numerous viewers then complained to the broadcaster because the loudspeaker had tried to buy a doll's house. >>>

"Whether we like it or not, by the end of the year we will be almost all of our customers on Amazon."
Gerrit Heinemann, Head of the eWeb Research Center at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, sees Amazon's market share growing even further. Statista data prove him right. >>>

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