Can an electrical engineer join a Mercedes company?

What does an electrical engineer do?

Drive technology

As an engineer for drive technology, you are responsible for converting energy into mechanical energy through certain systems in order to guarantee the drive for machines, devices, vehicles and systems. As an engineer specializing in drive technology, you will start your career in the development of electric cars, for example.


As Electronics engineer You take care of the development, production and application of electronic components such as coils or diodes.

Energy Technology

As Power engineering engineer you plan and construct the generation, transmission and conversion of electrical energy. For example in high-voltage technology or electrical installations.

Communications engineering

As Communications engineer you are primarily responsible for information and communication technologies. You plan to transmit electronic signals as information carriers to various recipients.

building technology

As an electronic construction site manager, you plan and install the electrical systems in structures of all kinds. Your specialty then is that building technology.


As a developer medical nanotechnologies are you active in medical technology. You design, build and maintain electrical devices and systems for the medical sector, such as pacemakers or systems for brain stimulation.


As a designer for robotics you are working on a very fast growing technology. You design and build robots and robot systems.


As Researcher in electrical engineering You examine existing electrical devices and systems and work on new electrical systems. You will also develop electrical devices for scientific research.