Swimming How is it that even the best swimmers drown

"Drowning is a silent process"

"When jumping into the water, the pressure that the water exerts on the body has to go somewhere", explains Stephan Beuerlein, doctor of the Red Cross Community Wasserwacht in the city region of Aachen. The heart basically has to work harder in water.

If the water is still cold, the vessels contract. "This increases the breathing rate. The result: the body can call up even less powerThen the body temperature drops, the heart and lungs cool down, and cardiac arrhythmias can occur.

Do not swim with a full stomach

A full stomach can lead to circulatory collapse. The body is busy with digestion, the energy reserves that are needed for muscle work are reduced. "The body is then simply in the wrong mode for swimming"said the doctor.

Silent death

People who have witnessed a swimming accident often report that the person suddenly went under without screaming or waving. "Drowning is a silent process"explains Michael Grohe. In the rarest of cases it is like in the film, where drowning people are still lashing out or calling out loud for help."Drowning has something to do with physical exhaustion. One has no more strength, is unable to move. "If someone swims with uncontrolled movements, this should always be the first alarm signal for exhaustion.