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Sustainable Think! Shoes for every day

Think! Shoes are handcrafted in up to 200 work steps. Think! Shoes, bags and belts are also produced in Europe. This saves long transport routes and protects the environment. We try not to take more from the environment than we can give it back and we rely on fair, resource-saving production.

Awards for sustainability

Of course, at Think! In our individuality, the highest value is placed on the processing of the best materials. So that we not only keep our promises to people, but also to nature. Think! Shoes are made of natural materials with, wherever possible, leather that is tanned without the use of chromium and processed in a particularly environmentally friendly manner. This was rewarded with the Austrian eco-label and the Blue Angel. Sustainability has been one of the most important criteria for thinkshoes from the very beginning.

Sustainability and a respectful treatment of nature and our resources is what we at Think! a matter of the heart. In everything we do, we try to act to the best of our knowledge and belief and always keep in mind that our world is only one - and we have to pay attention to this.

Qualitative shoes with character

Think! for yourself - from our own experience we know: people who have their own mind go their own way. Think! Shoes have personality. They are just as distinctive as the people who wear them. Individuality, self-confidence and the opportunity to express yourself freely are what Think! elementary.
We attach great importance to careful quality and individual design. On fair, sustainable and ecologically conscious production conditions, on robust, pleasant materials, real craftsmanship and unusual details. On anatomically adapted shapes and many years of expertise. Only the best is good enough. At Think! we are responsible. For ourselves, our actions, our future.

Comfortable Think! Buy shoes online

Think! Shoes are made from the best materials in Europe. In order to be able to offer our customers the largest selection comfortably in one place, Think! Shoes from home in the Think! Be bought online.

The Think! Shoes online shop

Shoes are often bought online and the question often arises: is it sustainable? At Think! The basic idea of ​​sustainable production extends from the choice of materials to the point at which Think! Shoes end up with customers - whether in stores or online - and beyond!

Made in Europe

Think! Shoes, bags and belts are developed and designed in Kopfing, Upper Austria. In the context of sustainability, Kopfing Think! Shoes have to be resole. Shoelaces, insoles or small parts such as eyelets and ornaments can also be exchanged. Much of this can be done in the Think! Can be ordered online.

We are constantly developing. This is how a 200-year-old shoemaker dynasty under Martin Koller became Think !. Craftsmanship and tradition have remained, boring designs are a thing of the past. In 1990 Koller ventured into the unknown: with Think! Since then he has been producing ecological, healthy men's and women's shoes with aesthetic standards. Think! proves: orthopedic shoes with anatomically shaped lasts can also be beautiful!

The reorientation worked, the shoes became a bestseller and the Think! Today Schuhwerk GmbH exports worldwide. Think! Shoes can be bought online in your own online shop or in specialist shops. Think! Shoes are for everyone who is used to the ordinary. We dedicate our women's and men's shoes to everyone who walks through life with joy and has the courage to be themselves.