Have you ever foretold someone's death?

More than 500 years after his birth, he still fascinates people all over the world. The fortune teller Nostradamus is said to have predicted Adolf Hitler, 9/11 and maybe even the corona pandemic. But how much truth is there?

"When I am dead, my name will live worldwide." A statement he was right about. The French Michel de Nostredame, known as Nostradamus, is still a household name centuries after his death. Thanks be to his prophetic poems.

The pharmacist and magician Nostradamus was born on December 14, 1503. He wrote down his visions in verse as so-called "Centuries". Predictions that reach far into the future, up to the year 3797.

How much truth is there in his predictions?

He owes his fame as a fortune teller to an event in 1559: King Heinrich II was killed in a tournament with horse and lance. His opponent, the Scottish Count of Montgomery, had badly wounded the king. He stabbed his eye with the lance, a fatal wound.

Nostradamus prophecy, 4 years earlier: "The young lion overcomes the old one on a martial field in an individual competition. In the golden cage he will poke out his eyes. Then one of two dies a horrible death". His followers take their breath away. Nostradamus becomes a wealthy man. But his critics scoff at inaccuracies.

Is it all a matter of interpretation?

In fact, Nostradamus often remains vague in his predictions and leaves room for maneuver. Because his "Centuries" consist of encrypted language, old French and new word creations - Nostradamus calls them "nebulous images": "I have understood that people are most likely to be interested in something when it is presented to them in a mysterious way."

In retrospect, many historical events can be linked to his predictions: the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, moon landings, even the rise of Adolf Hitler. But there are no really clear connections. One thing is certain: Nostradamus was a child of his time, the Renaissance.

Child of his time

Born in Saint-Rémy in Provence, he lives in the midst of the upheaval between the Middle Ages and modern times - shaped by religious divisions, the Reformation, pandemics, an increased influx of astrology and the era of humanism.

He himself is considered a Catholic and is the eldest son of a respected Jewish family who converted to the Catholic faith. This gives him advantages: As a loyal supporter of the Pope and the Catholic Church, he has little to fear.

Inspiration from the Bible

And he also refers to the Bible in his prophecies. On encrypted, difficult to interpret images of the history of revelation. - Is it all a scam? Hard to say. But if God stands above the stars and the prophecies are man-made, then what can be read in the New Testament applies to Christians: "Take care that no one catches you with his philosophy and empty deceit, which are only based on human tradition and themselves called to the elementary powers of the world, not to Christ, for in him the whole fulness of the Godhead dwells bodily ”(Col 2: 8-9)

Did Nostradamus Predict Corona?

There will be wild speculation again in 2020: Did Nostradamus predict the current pandemic? After all, the French are known for their prophecies, which also relate to pandemics. It is said that Nostradamus is said to have said as early as 1551: "There will be a twin year 2020, from which a queen (the Corona?) Will come from the east (from China?) And will spread a plague in the country in the dark of night However, a test of this prophecy shows: Nostradamus never made such a statement for the year 2020. Medieval fake news.

His death was unspectacular, but clearly foreseen by himself - or so the legend claims. At the age of 62, Nostradamus is said to have said on the evening of July 1st, 1566: “You will not find me alive at sunrise.” In the morning Nostradamus lay dead in his bed. As a doctor, however, his chronic gout and "dropsy" are likely to have been clear signs.

Verena Comforter