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"Are you sure that I was allowed to come too?" Jimin asked uncertainly when they were almost in front of the house.
"Can you please become the arrogant Jimin? Everyone can come, so why not you?" replied Chungha and pushed him on. She greeted a few people who were talking outside the house and finally went into the house.
"Jimin!" Jungkook greeted his best friend and hugged him. "What are you doing here?"
"Chungha dragged me along." he grinned. "And you?"
"Was invited. You have to try this drink out of the bowl, it tastes better than cake."
"Let me guess that's Sangría and you're full." Jimin laughed out loud.
"Nonsense." Jungkook participated in a fit of laughter. "Try!"
Jungkook pressed his glass into his hand and looked at him waiting. Jimin carefully took a sip and looked at the younger one in surprise. "Tastes good. Bring me a glass."
Jungkook immediately disappeared, leaving Jimin alone. This looked around the room.
"If that's not our detective Park Jimin." Jay's voice came from next to him.
"All the best." Jimin muttered and looked at him calmly.
"I hope you won't destroy the party. Do you have ulterior motives?"
"Today you don't have to be afraid." replied the black-haired man and was already pulled along by Jay. With force he was pushed onto a couch. Jay stood behind him and put his hands on his shoulder. "Have fun."
With a wave of his hand he directed Jungkook, who handed Jimin the glass and toasted it. Jungkook sat on the living room table in front of Jimin and smiled at him.
They talked for a while, even Jay contributed positively to the conversation and Jimin became more and more relaxed.
"Yoongi and Solfa are here too, by the way." Jungkook said cautiously, but Jimin just shrugged his shoulders.
They hadn't spoken to each other in the weeks, so Jimin had his feelings under control again.
"I finished with him." said Jimin and started to laugh slightly.
"If so. Jimin, let's go play." Jay grinned and grabbed Jimin's arm.
"What are you doing with him, Jay?" Chungha asked when they met at the stairs to the upper floor.
"We just want to play upstairs. Are you going to join us?"
Concerned, Chungha nodded and slapped Jay's hand away. "Are you doing well?"
"Of course. I'm finally having fun again." grinned Jimin. "And I'm not even drunk. Thank you Chungha."
"But definitely drunk." she laughed and went up the stairs with him.

Jimin's gaze wandered directly to Yoongi, who was sitting on the floor with his girlfriend in his arms and waiting for the game to begin.
“So the game is very simple. I have an app on my cell phone and it gives us tasks or just something to talk about and we have to answer it truthfully. It's USK 18 version, otherwise it would be boring. ”Jay explained quickly.
They played a few rounds, there was a lot of alcohol poured out, but Jimin didn't want to get too drunk, which is why he hadn't drank too much or only very small sips.
"Chungha and Yoongi have to swap places."
"I've got my eyes on you, Jiminie." She grinned and stood up. She looked briefly at Yoongi and finally sat down next to Solfa.
"I didn't even know that you wanted to come too." Yoongi whispered to the younger boy and looked at him briefly.
"I didn't want to either."
"Yes." Jimin answered shortly and finally looked at Yoongi. He smiled at him and looked back at the captain.
"Yoongi, do you think you've slept with more people from the circle than Chungha?"
He pale his cheeks and looked around for a moment. "I would say Chungha had more because I only had two."
Chungha stared at him with her mouth open. "I didn't have one."
Solfa looked jealously at Yoongi, who gave her a short smile.
"Doesn't she know?" Jimin asked softly, whereupon Yoongi shook his head. Injured, Jimin looked away. If it had meant something to him, would he tell her or not? Isn't that what you do in a relationship?
"Jimin sit down on the lap of one of your neighbors and kiss this or these five seconds."
"With tongue!" someone shouted into the room and people immediately shouted and agreed.
"I will not do that." Jimin muttered and blushed.
"It's okay." Yoongi whispered in his ear and looked at him invitingly.
"I don't know if that's a good idea." Jimin stammered as he slowly sat down on Yoongi's lap. Yoongi's hands went to Jimin's lower back and pressed him closer to her. He looked at Jimin from below and smiled slightly. "It's only five seconds."
Jimin put his lips on Yoongis uncertainly. Instinctively, he pushed himself closer to the older man and let his tongue wander into his mouth.
"Don't you mind?" asked Chungha Solfa, who sipped calmly from the glass. Confused, she looked at the blonde.
"Why should I?"
"They were together or ... He didn't tell you anything, did he?"
Angry, Solfa got up and went to Jimin and Yoongi. "That was more than five seconds."
Jimin immediately pulled away and slid off his lap.
"You come with." Solfa hissed and pulled Yoongi up. He looked perplexed at Jimin and finally at his girlfriend. They went a little further away, but in such a way that the group could hear everything when they spoke louder.
"You were with him?" Solfa asked immediately and crossed her arms over her chest.
"It was over before I met you, come down. There's nothing between us." Yoongi defended himself.
"That's why he looks at you like that." exclaimed Solfa, annoyed. "Why don't you tell me anything?"
"Because I knew you would react that way."
"We go." determined his girlfriend angrily. "I don't want you to hang out or talk to him."
"Are you serious?"
"I saw it, Yoongi! You are not averse to him. He has you in his sights and wants you back." Solfa shouted, which is why the group heard it. Pairs of eyes were on Jimin, who instinctively shrank and looked at Yoongi.
Their eyes met. Yoongi stared at the younger one and finally sighed. "OK."
Solfa took his arm and pulled him towards the exit. "Wait here." She went back and picked up her purse and jackets. "We're gone now. And Jimin, stay away from him or we'll get into a lot of stress."
"All good?" asked Chungha when Solfa had left and sat down next to him.
"Naturally." Jimin replied steadfastly, glaring at her. "Do you think I care what she says?"
He felt the oppressive feeling in his throat. His eyes burned, but he didn't dare to blink.
"Let's get another drink." said Chungha and pulled Jimin up. "We will be right back."
But instead of going to the drinks, they went to the bathroom and locked themselves in there. A sob escaped Jimin's body and he sat down on the edge of the bathtub. His tears flowed down his cheeks and he repeatedly wiped them away without success.
"Hey, all good." Chungha muttered and knelt in front of him, gently stroking his thigh and smiling slightly at him. "She won't hurt you."
"Yoongi didn't tell her." Jimin cried and buried his face in his hands. "He didn't even say he was into guys. He's ashamed."
"He sure has his reasons." she assured him and got up to hug him. "He loved you, you know that."
"I still love him though." he confessed and clung to her. Admitting it only made it more real and hurt him all the more.
Chungha also struggled with tears. Seeing Jimin like that broke her heart. He didn't deserve to suffer like that and she couldn't help him.
"I am so sorry." she breathed and stroked his hair.
"I don't want to anymore. I want to go home." Jimin muttered and looked at Chungha.
"I'm taking you away, okay?" she smiled at him and brushed the tears from his face. "You go out there now and go outside. I'll get our things and we'll go."
"Thanks." Jimin sniffed and hugged her after he got up.
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