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Barcode in CRM and ERP

What - you will now think - do you want to do with barcodes in a modern web application? These are leftovers from an old, outmoded industry, the organization of which has long since become obsolete.

But if used skillfully, barcodes can automate work and manufacturing processes to a high degree and install checkpoints. For example, if you want to reliably record which driver has taken a product from the production warehouse for delivery, then install a barcode scanner at the entrance to the warehouse that can read the order number and driver ID and print out the delivery note.

When the driver comes to the warehouse with his routing slip to pick up the goods, he simply holds his routing slip under the barcode reader; This automatically creates an entry in the order log and at the same time outputs the delivery note on the connected printer.

Thus you have installed a reliable delivery control with the simplest means; and when the customer calls where the ordered goods are, you can ask the responsible driver specifically.


The bar code, bar code, bar code or bar code is an optoelectronically readable font that consists of parallel lines and spaces of different widths. The data in a bar code is read with optical reading devices such as. B. barcode readers (scanners) or cameras, read by machine and electronically processed. (Wikipedia)

The advantages of the barcode are many:

  • the coding is tried and tested and stable,
  • the decoding is extremely fast and error-free, and
  • the technology is cheap.

In this way you can provide inexpensive control and information points and, for example:

  • log the receipt of ordered goods and assign them to the customer order,
  • Output the information where a product was temporarily stored (warehouse number, shelf, compartment),
  • record at which order a certain production step is completed,
  • log when and by whom an order item was handed over to the customer,
  • log when an order was picked up by the parcel service provider,
  • Etc.

The Cloud business application for CRM and ERP iscrm uses the barcode code128. This can represent upper and lower case letters, the digits 0 to 9 and some special characters such as spaces, dashes, dots, etc. This is also the code that is commonly used today and is understood by all modern barcode scanners. The usual apps for smartphones also know this code.

iscrm also uses this code to print product labels. The

encrypted; on the label is additional

  • the storage location (shelf / compartment number, optional if available),
  • the product name and
  • the product number

issued in plain text.

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