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Fair and beautiful: 10 sustainable fashion brands

After I recently introduced you to 7 fair and sustainable beauty brands, the fashionable counterpart follows today. 10 wonderful fair fashion brands I've put together for you and you can be sure that these sustainable fashion labels with their designs move far away from the dusty eco image.

The fair fashion image has been heavily polished, as the current collections of sustainable fashion labels prove. And the great thing about it? You don't have to invest a fortune to either Step by step a sustainable capsule wardrobe build up!

Beautiful, sustainable fashion labels for your wardrobe

What is sustainable fashion anyway? Before I start with my top 10 list of fair fashion brands, I would like to answer this question briefly and crisply. Sustainable fashion, fair fashion, green fashion, eco fashion, eco fashion or sustainable fashion - many names for something that has a big common denominator.

These are clothing that made of environmentally friendly materials will be produced. In addition, social aspects are taken into account during production. Still there is here too subtle differences. One speaks of fair fashion, you can expect good working conditions. Green fashion is biodegradable, Eco fashion in turn combines social and ecological aspects.

The Term sustainability can also be interpreted differently by each fashion brand. Many set priorities here and focus either on the social or more on the ecological aspect. I have therefore summarized the most important information for you for the following 10 fashion brands.

10 fair fashion brands you need to know!

1. Reformation

As the name suggests, Reformation wants to change something. With a high level of transparency, they do everything in their power to make their operations more sustainable and fair working conditions guarantee throughout the supply chain. Reformation has been around since 2015 Carbon, water and waste neutral.

100% of the required electricity is obtained from wind power, the clothes hangers are made from recycled paper and in the shops you can only get reusable bags. Reformation supports various projects that protect endangered tree species, create new jobs in forest management, offer training in forest conservation or restore fresh water for California's ecosystem.

2. Veja

Veja produces sneakers that organic and fair are. In doing so, they don't just pay attention Sustainability of raw materials, but also on fair working conditions of all employees. Veja pays raw material prices above world market prices and produces environmentally friendly shoes from organic cotton, natural rubber and vegetable-tanned leather.

Appropriate animal husbandry is a must. All raw materials are grown without pesticides and all materials are treated without toxins. By doing without traditional advertising measures, Veja can invest more money in workers and production and thus offer the sneakers on the market at fair prices.

Veja not only scores with sustainable production, but also with fair conditions for workers and thus proves itself to be future-oriented company.

3. Arket

H&M also seems to have a taste for it Sustainability and environmental awareness to have come. Since 2017 they have been focusing on minimalism and under the name "Arket" fairly manufactured clothing. Only organic cotton is used for the production of women's, men's and children's fashion.

In addition, Arket down jackets are recycled from old sleeping bags and comforters. For the down collection, Arket works with Re: Down, an environmentally friendly company that cleans and recycles old down. Arket is one of the Slow fashion movement and has set itself the goal of making timeless classics durable and hard-wearing - for a lasting, style-oriented fashion experience.

Particularly beautiful for all mums: Arket now also has its own sustainable baby line.

4. RE / DONE

RE / DONE is a sustainable fashion label that water-saving and without aggressive chemicals produces stylish and high-quality designer clothing for women and men. RE / DONE connects through their designs and cuts Uniqueness, fairness and modernity.

RE / DONE defines the top priority Reduction of environmental impact through recycling and recycling. Among other things, old Levi's jeans are tailored to mini skirts or trousers and materials are recycled and reused. This creates sustainable, casual and high-quality looks for everyday life.

By the way: Here you can buy RE / DONE at outlet prices.

5. Poor angels

Armedangels uses particularly environmentally friendly, renewable and recyclable raw materials. Organic cotton, recycled plastic waste or organic linen are becoming too high quality and functional fashion processed for men and women.

Independent organizations, such as the FairTrade and Fair Wear Foundation, confirm that poor angels fair working conditions creates and pays all employees fairly. Armedangels also offers completely vegan products that are marked with the Peta-Approved logo in the online shop.

With a high transparency Armedangels lets its customers take a look behind the scenes and thus informs them about the company's philosophy.

6. Nanushka

The Budapest-born and raised designer Sandra Sandor founded her own fashion label, Nanushka, in 2006. Together with her partner, she creates feminine fashiondesigned to underline the natural beauty of women. The failed parts will be out vegan leather and sustainable linen manufactured and exclusively produced in Europe.

Environmental awareness and modernity - that doesn't go together for most of them, but: Nanushka proves that sustainability and contemporary style are not mutually exclusive with individual designs that don't look eco-friendly at all.

7. Asos design

Asos is also investing in more sustainability in the production of fashion with its own brand Asos Design. Asos Design relies on timeless pieces and shows how beautiful Environmental awareness can look and, above all, feel. Asos is committed to Member of the Ethical Trading Initiative active for fair working conditions.

The Asos online shop also has its own category sustainable and reused materials - So you don't have to do your own research to find out which brands and articles are on the website environmentally friendly and in which sustainable fashion labels you can invest with a clear conscience.

8. Stella McCartney

Respect for nature, people and animals is part of Stella McCartney's philosophy. From the farmers in the field to the seamstresses in the factories to the suppliers, Stella McCartney stands up for it fair conditions and remuneration of all employees. With vegetarian and environmentally friendly materials she wants to protect animals and the environment and with her fashion Declare war on fast fashion.

In this way, she wants to prevent clothes from ending up too quickly in landfills or incinerators. In short: fashion has to say goodbye to the cycle of waste and should be produced in harmony with nature. This is exactly the change that Stella McCartney is aiming for.

PS: You can buy sustainable fashion by Stella McCartney online at outlet prices here.

9. Patagonia

Patagonia poses sustainable sports and outdoor clothing here. Using environmentally friendly materials, such as Organic cotton or recycled PET bottles, the clothing is also more durable and of higher quality at the same time. In order to protect nature even further, Patagonia donates a portion of its annual turnover to environmental protection organizations.

In addition, Patagonia is pursuing one 4-point programthat the Ecological damage of the company and its consumers to a minimum to reduce should.

  1. The short-lived nature of fast fashion means that a lot of it soon ends up in the garbage can. In order to help relieve the burden, you should buy fewer, but better quality clothes and then keep them for as long as possible.
  2. The Worn Wear program calls for resource conservation and supports repairing existing clothing.
  3. Used items are repaired and offered for sale on their own website for Worn Wear.
  4. If clothes are really broken and irreparable, the materials are recycled and made into new clothes.

10. Iriedaily

Iriedaily is a sustainable fashion label, the Streetwear, as well as sportswear produced. In addition, Iriedaily supports projects against racism, offers many training positions and is Member company of the Fair Wear Foundation, a non-profit NGO that advocates safe and healthy working conditions and fair wages in the fashion industry.

Iriedaily attaches great importance to a close relationship and open communication with all production partners, suppliers and customers. The entire supply chain, from the purchasing criteria to the production facilities and information management to the handling of transparency and communication, is disclosed in a report.

Sustainable fashion labels are a hot topic, which ones do you already know? Has fair fashion already arrived in your wardrobe?

It's not about converting the entire wardrobe overnight to fair and sustainable fashion labels and banning everything that does not meet these criteria. Rather, one should simply shop more consciously and basically deal with the topic of sustainability. Even small steps, things and gestures can make a big difference!

Furthermore, it is of course still the most sustainable not to buy pants, instead of buying sustainable pants. As a fashion lover, I have already significantly restricted my consumption, but will probably never (want to) stop it entirely. However, I shop second hand more consciously and with preference. My motto is: everything with measure and aim!

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