Why is this your profile picture

WhatsApp picture Your profile picture reveals this about your personality

WhatsApp is a window on the world - and without the messaging service, nothing works for many. We not only communicate with it, we also present ourselves to the world to a certain extent. And that starts with our profile picture. The picture can already reveal a lot about our personality.

Speaking of WhatsApp: did you know that what we are showing you in the following video is really allowed?

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Which WhatsApp profile picture type are you like?

With our profile picture on WhatsApp, we show how we want to be perceived. And we show our "real face" - even if we don't show it in the picture. The choice of motif often reveals more about us than we ourselves perceive. Because there is a lot of psychology behind our self-portrayal. And that is what the five most common types of profile pictures reveal about you.

1. The classic self-portrait with a smile

Here you just want to show yourself the way you see yourself - and want to be seen. So you stand by yourself and your appearance. That speaks for a pronounced self-confidence and you don't care a bit what other people think of your image and your appearance. You are who you are. Outward appearances are rather secondary for you anyway, for you the inner values ​​are more important. For some people, this kind of self-expression also seems a little arrogant, but you can live with that.

And here is a bit of internet etiquette: keep your eyes open when choosing emojis!

2. You show yourself with your friends

You are naturally sociable and extroverted, and that's why you show yourself that way. Your friends are important to you and at the same time you like to be the center of attention - and that is only possible in company. What is more attractive than the picture of a pretty woman? Correct: a picture with several pretty women.

3. You cannot be seen in the picture at all

After all, anyone can take self-portraits, but you prefer, for example, a beautiful landscape from your vacation. Because actually you don't attach great importance to WhatsApp and you don't look for attention. You're an individualist and don't think much of mainstream trends. And you stand out from the crowd by not showing yourself to the crowd in the first place.

We have waited a long time for the dark mode mode on WhatsApp. This is how it works.

4. You are "cool"

Your WhatsApp profile picture is a self-presentation in terms of coolness. You prefer to present yourself in casual clothes and of course the sunglasses should not be missing. This exudes great self-confidence and you know how to play with your feminine charms. Your cool look also represents your desire for adventure.

5. You show yourself with your pet

You like to cuddle with your dog or cat and the WhatsApp world out there should see that too. What comes across with that is your warm and loving personality. Because you not only take care of your animals, you are understanding and always have an open ear for other people. Superficialities are not your thing and the most important thing for you is being close to your loved ones.