How does teeth cleaning make teeth white

How do I get my teeth white again?

It is especially circulating on the Internet numerous home remedies, which are supposed to restore a bright white smile with little effort and simple means by brushing the teeth with the following ingredients instead of toothpaste:

· Baking powder or pure baking soda

· Activated carbon

· Crushed strawberries

· Table salt

· Lemon juice


Basically, such home remedies are not advisable, because their effect is based either on the surface of the teeth being mechanically ground, for example by the crystalline table salt, the tooth substance is to be lightened by an aggressive bleach or a combination of both is used.


Hydrogen peroxide, for example, has a bleaching effect (this is why it is contained in bleaching creams for hair), but at the same time it can damage the gums and healthy teeth. Lemon juice also has a bleaching effect due to the acid it contains, however, the acid also attacks the tooth enamel, roughening it and can thus accelerate the penetration of new discolorations.


In order to gently remove staining plaque, it is recommended time and again on the Internet to pull oil through your teeth, preferably high-quality oils such as natural coconut oil. If oil pulling is carried out correctly, positive effects on the entire organism and also on the health of gums and teeth cannot be ruled out. As a sole measure against discoloration, oil pulling or brushing your teeth with coconut oil is not sufficient.