Have you benefited from wearing astrological gemstones?

Birthstones: are you a topaz, tourmaline, or ruby?

What are gemstone zodiac signs or birthstones? Birthstones in birthstone jewelry are gemstones that have always had an individual power and effect on the wearer. Gemstones were religious symbols, stood for the twelve signs of the zodiac and represented the twelve tribes of Israel in the Jewish faith. We show you the zodiac stones clearly in the VALMANO magazine.

Traditionally, at least one specific gemstone is assigned to the month of birth, often - due to changed customs in the long Central European history, there are several gemstones that are assigned to a zodiac sign. In the meantime there are many different lists with regard to the type of "zodiac stones" that assign different gemstones to each month or zodiac sign.

We have put together a selection of the most common birthstones for you - one that matches the zodiac sign, but also for the individual months, as monthly stones.


Table of Contents

    1. Gemstones by zodiac sign
      • Capricorn
      • Aquarius
      • Fishes
      • Aries
      • bull
      • Twins
      • cancer
      • Leo
      • Virgin
      • Libra
      • Scorpio
      • Sagittarius
    2. The monthly stones from January to December
    3. What are birthstones?


1. Gemstones by zodiac sign

Birthstone Capricorn (22.12-20.01)


The deep red ruby ​​is the zodiac sign stone for everyone born under the zodiac sign Capricorn.

With its blood-red color, very high mineral hardness and sparkling clarity, the ruby ​​stands for life force, vitality, activity, dynamism, determination, devotion, warmth, love, passion and sensuality. The ruby ​​is also one of the strongest healing stones.

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It is a very noble birthstone, which with its properties exactly matches the characteristics of the zodiac sign Capricorn - the element earth - right down to its loving, warm and shining heart.

In addition to the ruby, ibexes also fit stones, such as the deep red garnets, as monthly stones for January.

Alternatively: Garnet (January stone)


BirthstoneAquarius (21.01.-19.02.)


The stone for the zodiac sign Aquarius is the garnet. The garnet stone usually appears in a dark red color, but there are different types of garnet that come in many colors.

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The red garnet stands for strength and passion. In India, the garnet is considered the fire of transformation, while in Buddhism it is revered as a sacred stone.

The variety-rich garnet underlines and supports the essence of Aquarius, who is known for his independence, individuality, self-realization, creativity as well as his wealth of ideas and his charisma.

Alternatively: Amethyst (month stone February)


Birthstonefishes (20.02.-20.03.)


The traditional "gemstone zodiac sign" of Pisces is the wonderful amethyst. This semi-precious stone is a violet variety of the mineral quartz, which has a color ranging from a light pink tinted violet to deep purple tones.

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In ancient Greece people believed that this stone protected against the intoxicating effects of wine and therefore gave it the name "Amethystos", which translated means "counteracting the intoxication".

In medicine, the amethyst is considered to cleanse the body, skin and soul. It also ensures inner peace and balance. People of the zodiac sign Pisces are characterized by empathy, kindness, good nature, helpfulness and gentleness. They are peace-loving, imaginative, romantic, dreamy and shy away from conflict.

The amethyst is an important stone for fish, which gives them strength, protection, inner calm, concentration, assertiveness, courage and zest for life.

Alternatively: blood stone, jasper, aquamarine (monthly stone March)


Aries birthstone (21.03-21.04.)


This "Gemstone Zodiac Sign" is a blue variety of the silicate mineral beryl and forms a wonderful crystal. It gets its pale blue to blue-green color from iron ions. The stone name aquamarine comes from the Latin "aqua marina", which means "water of the sea" and was given to it because of its refreshing sea blue color.

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The aquamarine stands for life, joy, purity, love, peace and happiness and should ensure a harmonious balance. It promotes the mind, strengthens self-confidence, gives prudence, strengthens intuition and gives serenity.

Qualities that benefit the characteristically impulsive, spirited, ambitious, strong-willed and passionate Aries in a constant mood of optimism, such as the life-awakening, blossoming and powerful nature of spring in this month of birth.

Alternatively: blood stone, sapphire and diamond (April birthstone)


Taurus birthstone (21.04.-20.05.)


The birthstone in the zodiac sign Taurus is probably the most precious and hardest solid in nature - the diamond. In absolutely clear, colorless transparency or by mixing with other fabrics in other color tones.

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The diamond is not only one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry in the world, but also stands for invincibility, purity, strength, power, beauty, true love and harmony.

This birthstone in the zodiac sign of Taurus with Venus as the planet and the earth as an element gives and underlines the strength of character, naturalness and closeness to nature, steadfastness, down-to-earthness, reliability, precision, patience, good-naturedness and pleasure of the characteristic Taurus.

It is said that the diamond contains an energetic fire. The diamond as a healing, protection and luck stone protects against disaster and negative influences and promotes self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, loyalty to yourself and clear thoughts. As monthly stones for April and May, stones such as the sapphire, emerald or agate are added to this zodiac sign.

Alternatively: sapphire, emerald (month stone), agate


Gemini birthstone (May 22-21)


The agate is the "gemstone star sign" of Gemini. The agate not only comes in a wonderful variety of colors. Due to its rhythmic crystallization, it is characterized by beautiful pattern-like and mostly strip-shaped drawings.

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The creativity of nature is reflected here. The Greek philosopher, naturalist and student Aristotle Theophrastus of Eresus gave this stone its name because it was found in large quantities on the Achates River in Sicily.

The agate has always been valued as a gem stone, but above all as an important protective stone. The agate was also very often worn as amulets, as it was supposed to protect against lightning, storm, snakebites and insect bites.

The agate gives stability and inner balance. It protects against negative energies and calamities and heals mental ailments.

Alternatively: emerald, moonstone (June stone) or alexandrite


Cancer birthstone (22.06.-22.07.)


The zodiac gemstones in the summer zodiac sign Cancer include, above all, the emerald. This precious gemstone is a variety of the silicate mineral beryl. The emerald gets its fascinating green color from traces of chrome and vanadium ions.

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While green is the color of hope, nature and life, the emerald also stands for harmony, beauty, justice and warmth.

The sparkling green gemstone gives strength and protection to the zodiac sign Cancer with its soulful, lovable, good-natured, helpful, romantic, familiar and sensitive character as well as its soft mind. The emerald supports crayfish with all its properties and values.

Alternative stones: moonstone, agate, ruby ​​(July stone) and onyx


Leo birthstone (23.7-23.8)


One of the distinctive "gemstones of the zodiac" for Leo is the peridot. The gemstone is a particularly pure and magnesium-rich variety of the mineral olivine.

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The peridot sparkles splendidly in a wonderfully harmonious olive green. In ancient Rome, the peridot was especially valued as the "emerald of the evening", as it is illuminated by the incidence of light (e.g. candlelight, torches or lamps).

It strengthens the inner balance, conveys sunny warmth, energy and joie de vivre, clears the senses and gives hope.

The peridot exudes a wonderful harmony, elegance and beauty, which underline the dominant, self-confident, generous and strong character as well as the charismatic aura of the lion.

Alternatively: onyx, spinel, carnelian and ruby


Birthstone Virgo (24.08-23.09)


In the zodiac sign Virgo, one of the most popular, valuable and precious gemstones is the godfather of the birthstone - the sapphire.

Very often the transparent sapphire appears in a sparkling blue, which can range from a light sky blue to a deep dark blue. Natural color-changing sapphires in play with light are a rarity.

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The splendid colors of the sapphires as birthstones in the zodiac sign Virgo and the monthly stones of September are in harmony with the many beautiful colors of this colorful time.

The sapphire stands for charisma, honesty, stability, spiritual strengths and honor. As a birthstone, the sapphire harmonizes with the character of the zodiac sign Virgo with Mercury as a planet and the earth as an element, which is characterized by a crystal clear and sharp mind and zest for life.

Alternatively: peridot, onyx, carnelian


Birthstone Libra (24.9.-23.10)


The enchanting opal represents the birthstone of the zodiac sign Libra. Strikingly beautiful, the opal has a splendid, multicolored speckled and shimmering play of colors.

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The opal comes in many attractive and often combined colors. The opal is the national gemstone of Australia and occurs in all rainbow colors.

Its bright, colorful blaze of colors and strength give warmth to the heart and soul and let the joy of life gush out.

The opal acts like a soothing balm on the soul. This gem strengthens and harmonizes wonderfully with the zodiac sign Libra with Venus as the associated planet and the air as an element that is characterized by harmony in its character. In addition, the opal is an inspiration for the mostly artistically inclined, active and interested Libra.

Alternatives: tourmaline, sapphire


Birthstone Scorpio (24.10.-22.11)


The topaz represents the traditional birthstone in the zodiac sign Scorpio and the month stone November.

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When combined with other fabrics, topazes appear in various fascinating colors, such as yellow, golden brown, reddish orange, wine red, blue, turquoise, light green or pink.

The topaz shines in a warm and harmonious color as a typical birthstone for the Scorpio and radiates bright and sparkling vitality, euphoria and inspiration.

The topaz harmonizes wonderfully with the zodiac sign Scorpio with its planets Pluto and Mars as well as water as an associated element, which is characterized in its character by strength, a very charming charisma, passion, diligence and empathy.

Alternative stones: opal, tourmaline and the yellow or honey-colored citrine


Sagittarius birthstone (11/23 - 12/21)


One of the traditional birthstones in Sagittarius is the blue-green gemstone turquoise. Due to its unique color, its rarity and its effect as a protective healing stone, turquoise has been valued in various cultures around the world for thousands of years.

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The turquoise stands for protection from impending dangers, security, patience, success and prosperity. The gemstone also symbolizes vitality, freshness and harmony due to its radiance. The turquoise has a mood-enhancing, energetic and confident effect, especially in the dark season of December.

The turquoise also harmonizes very well with the strong zodiac sign of Sagittarius, with Jupiter as the associated planet and fire as an element. The energetic character of Sagittarius is characterized by optimism, temperament, a thirst for adventure, joie de vivre and humor.

Alternatively: blue topaz, zircon, lapis lazuli, blue tanzanite


2. Month stones: birth stones by months


What are monthly stones?


A monthly stone is characterized by various properties and has a strengthening and harmonizing effect on the person who wears it. In situations in which the strength of the birthstone is insufficient, special compensation stones are ideal. These are based on the characteristics of the individual zodiac signs, while birthstones relate to the month.

The monthly stones from January to December



January: the garnet

The deep red fire of the garnet warms and stands for a new beginning and optimism. He is the symbol of the new year and protects against misfortunes. Its intense red stands for longevity, grace and prestige. The garnet is the stone of the late born Capricorn and Aquarius.
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February: the amethyst

Imaginative myths entwine around the amethyst, which protects against evil magic. Its color variations range from delicate purple to mysteriously dark purple. Cleansing the soul and resolving conflicts are among his strengths. At the same time, the noble quartz symbolizes sincerity and security and suits the late-born Aquarius and Pisces.
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March: the aquamarine

The clear blue of the aquamarine is the symbol of a clear mind. At the same time, the precious stone stands for feelings and protects the wearer from deception and insincerity. As a birthstone, the aquamarine is the gemstone for late-born Pisces and Aries. VALMANO's aquamarine selection

April: the diamond

The diamond unites the clarity of the mind and the fire of the emotions. But this valuable stone also stands for the power of life paired with the purity and innocence of nature.

Aries and Taurus benefit from the character of this gem.
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May: the emerald

The deep green of the emerald as a sign of awakening nature is typical for May. While the gemstone helps Taurus to achieve balance and harmony, for people born in the zodiac sign Gemini it symbolizes friendship and openness. However, the precious stone also stands for love, rebirth and prosperity. All May children will find their emerald jewelry here.

June: The moonstone

The moonstone symbolizes fertility and life as the birthstone of June and is preferably assigned to women. Alternative birthstones for June are the pearl and the extremely rare alexandrite.

The pearl is the epitome of the beauty of nature, which has healing powers for mental illnesses. The alexandrite strengthens the wearer's intuition. TO the moonstone selection

July: the ruby

Fiery red tones and a deep sparkle symbolize love, passion and romance. People who wear the ruby ​​as a birthstone are characterized by fearlessness and receive recognition. Cancer and Leo wear the ruby ​​to benefit from its powers. Ruby jewelry at VALMANO

August: the peridot

The peridot is a lively grass green with yellow reflections from the sun. His strengths are success and determination and he opens his eyes to the essentials. It is the birthstone for all Lions and Virgos born in August.
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September: the sapphire

The sapphire protects against envy, infidelity and harm and gives the wearer peace of mind as well as virtue and wisdom. At the same time, it is considered a gemstone of empathy and directs the gaze of Libra and virgins increasingly towards the concerns of their fellow human beings. To sapphire jewelry

October: the tourmaline

The tourmaline is the birthstone for Libra and Scorpio. It symbolizes success and gives the wearer business acumen. At the same time, it stands for new opportunities. Available in numerous color variants, the tourmaline is also the stone of peace.

November: the topaz

The topaz comes in different colors and is the birthstone for scorpions and Sagittarius born in November. It protects against careless activities. The attractive stone promotes cheerfulness, endurance and prestige and symbolizes power and wisdom.
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December: The turquoise

Perseverance and perseverance are the strengths of turquoise that Sagittarius and Capricorn benefit from.For early born ibexes, this beautiful stone serves as a lucky stone, under whose protection they close the year.
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In the 1st century AD, the Roman-Jewish historian Titus Flavius ​​Josephus interpreted that the twelve precious stones on the chest shield of the high priest "Aaron" (a brother of Moses) were linked to the twelve months of the year and the twelve signs of the zodiac (zodiac stones ) gave. The execution of the breast pocket called Hoshen is described in Exodus as follows:

"It should be square, folded up, a span long and a span wide. Set it with set gemstones in four rows:

  • ... the first row with ruby, topaz and emerald;
  • the second row with carbuncle, sapphire and jasper;
  • the third row with agate, hyacinth and amethyst;
  • the fourth row with chrysolite, carnelian and onyx; ...
    ... they should be set in gold and set in place. "


In 1912 the "American National Association of Jewelers" (today: The Jewelers of America) standardized the traditional zodiac stones, which were culturally created over centuries or millennia, and created an "official list". This was updated by the "Jewelry Industry Council of America" ​​in 1952 and by the "American Gem Trade Association" in cooperation with "The Jewelers of America" ​​in early 2000. The British "National Association of Goldsmiths" (today: National Association of Jewelers) developed its own list in 1937, which was also updated and largely resembles the American list.

Protect and inspire birthstones

The fantastic birthstones of the 12 zodiac signs inspire, protect and develop with their special properties in diverse and miraculous ways their powers on personal well-being, life and individual charisma. None of these beautiful gemstones have to hide. In the form of a wide variety of jewelry variants and pieces of jewelry, the finely incorporated birthstones can be worn on the body in a splendid, elegant and comfortable way. In addition to their special powers and their magical enveloping aura, the gemstones of the zodiac signs are also a wonderful and attractive ornament. Discover your birthstone or month stone at Valmano and decorate yourself with it according to your stars

Birthstones as beautiful pieces of jewelry

Birthstones accompany people from the first day of life to the end of life in the form of beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry.

For newborns, mothers choose delicate chains with carefully incorporated gemstones that will accompany them throughout their lives. In adulthood, it is finely crafted jewelry in which jewelers work birthstones or compensating stones in order to give the wearer the power of the stone.