How psychology tells a person's behavior

Social psychology

These can then be applied to social phenomena better understand or explain and answer socially relevant questions in a well-founded manner, such as:

  • How are formed Settings?
  • What forms of social influence is there?
  • What are risk factors for aggression?
  • How can you prosocial behavior promote?
  • How are formed Teams, cliques and friendships?
  • How is interpersonal trust and Willingness to cooperate?

and many other questions.
An important methodological paradigm in social psychology is the behavioral experiment. The attempt is made to track down the basics of human social behavior on the basis of a carefully controlled variation of environmental factors and the most objective and precise measurement of reactions possible. Because Experiments have such a fundamental importance for social psychological research, their presentation in courses occupies a special place. Students get to know classic and current experiments in social psychology and reflect on them against the background of methodological and research ethical considerations.

What do you need what you have learned later in your day-to-day work?

An understanding of social phenomena and processes is useful in almost all areas of human life. It is therefore also relevant wherever psychologists are professionally active - in psychotherapy (for example when it comes to group processes in therapeutic interventions in group settings), in organizational psychology (for example when it comes to working together in teams), in pedagogy Psychology (e.g. when it comes to reducing aggression and violence in schools by taking appropriate measures), etc.
More specifically: if you know the basics of social influence, you can avoid unwanted influence from others. Knowing what people think is just or unjust can help prevent or reduce social conflict. If you know which phases a group formation process goes through, you can optimize this process. There is hardly an area of ​​everyday life for which socio-psychological knowledge is not relevant. For this reason, social psychology is also the basic subject of psychology, which is one per se special application relevance owns.