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Blink Outdoor: Tried the new version of the security camera

The compact safety cameras Blink Outdoor and Blink Indoor have been released in new versions this year. We have had very good experiences in the past with the Blink Outdoor in particular. The first version of the camera has been monitoring a garden area for two years now - still with the first set of batteries.

The technical data of the cameras themselves have remained largely unchanged compared to the previous versions. Blink has limited itself to optimizing the system and has therefore also revised the housing. In contrast to the first Blink version, the cameras now have an intercom function.

Otherwise everything is essentially the same. The cameras can record HD video at 1080p, have an infrared night vision function and cover a field of view of 110 degrees. The battery life of the devices remains at up to two years, two normal AA batteries are responsible for the power supply. However, an expansion package for two additional batteries has been announced here, with the help of which the runtime of the cameras can be doubled.

New price model: cheap camera now without cloud storage

However, Blink has made a fundamental change with regard to the storage options. New customers no longer benefit from the permanently free online storage, but must either use the option for local storage available with the sync module 2 or take out one of the subscriptions offered by Blink. After all, in return, the purchase price for the devices has been significantly reduced over the past two years. The free cloud use for accounts that were created before April 15, 2020 will also remain unaffected - even if new Blink devices are added here. New customers have the opportunity to test the scope of services including cloud storage free of charge until March 31, 2021.

Blink cameras: installation and basics

The scope of delivery of the two current Blink models is almost identical. In addition to the camera with two batteries and holder, the starter package includes the new Sync-Modul-2 with power supply unit and connection cable. The only difference between the two devices is their color and the weather resistance of the outdoor version.

The prerequisite for the functioning of the system is a WiFi connection not only to the sync module, which is usually placed indoors, but also to the camera itself. Commissioning the devices is then easy and is explained step by step in the Blink app . Nevertheless, we recommend taking a look at the online instructions, if only to reassure yourself that a little "force" is actually required when installing the bracket - the attachment has to be clicked into the camera with strong pressure.

In contrast to its predecessor, the new sync module 2 offers the option of connecting a USB stick as local video memory. In this way, customers who do not want to use the cloud storage function of the cameras have the option of permanently saving event videos. The basic functions available to all users include motion notifications and the ability to access the camera live, including hands-free calling. However, if you want to make and save automatic recordings, you have to rely on the Blink Cloud or local storage.

Camera access via the Blink app

The cameras can be accessed online via the Blink app. With the help of several sync modules, you can also manage different locations and, if desired, with several cameras. In addition to the models presented here, the affordable indoor version Blink Mini is also appearing in this area.

The start page offers an overview of the connected cameras, but the images displayed are not yet live. To replace the status image with a live recording, you have to tap on the photo symbol. More options are offered by tapping the video camera symbol, the intercom function is available here, you can display the recording in landscape format to fill the screen and, if necessary, enlarge it. In addition, if a corresponding storage option is available, you can also save a video clip of the camera access.

Saved videos can be accessed as well as automatically saved recordings via the video menu of the app, from there the films can be shared or deleted. There are also various options for automatic deletion of the recordings stored in this area.

In addition, extensive setting options are available separately for the individual cameras. First and foremost, of course, in the area of ​​motion alarms, where you can not only set the sensitivity of the sensors, but also configure certain activity or privacy zones. In this way, you can monitor selected camera areas in a very targeted manner.

In combination with the motion sensors, the indoor and outdoor cameras from Blink offer various functions for fine-tuning. This includes the option of defining the period during which the camera does not detect any new movements after an event, as well as various options with a view to the video recording associated with detected movements. In the beta stage, a function is offered with the help of which you receive a warning message as soon as motion is detected for the first time, otherwise Blink only notifies you as soon as the associated video recording has been completed. However, we always received the push notifications very quickly and without any significant delay. Sometimes you just have to wait a bit until the recorded video is available for later retrieval. Other settings in the app influence the length of the recorded videos, their quality and, associated with this, the night vision function.

The integrated temperature sensor is a special feature. Here you not only get the current ambient temperature of the camera displayed, but you can also create temperature alarms that are sent as soon as a specified number of degrees is exceeded or fallen below. However, in the current software you can only set values ​​between 4 and 32 degrees Celsius, we would have liked to have configured frost warnings in more detail.

An innovation in connection with the new pricing model for cloud storage is the automatic photo capture. The Blink cameras can now also create a short video clip that shows the course of the day in time lapse. A snapshot is taken once an hour and these images are made available every 24 hours as a short video clip in the recording area of ​​the Blink app. However, this function is reserved exclusively for subscription customers and is not part of the free cloud storage for existing customers.

The bottom line is that the compact blink cameras are still among the security cameras with the best price-performance ratio. Whether you bring a camera with online functions into your home remains a personal decision; there is hardly anything comparable for outdoor surveillance, especially given the extremely long battery life. Incidentally, the blink cameras can also be connected to Alexa, so that the camera image can be displayed on Echo devices with a screen by voice command.

The Blink Outdoor starter set costs 116.97 euros and the indoor kit costs 97.47 euros. Additional cameras can be added for just under 10 euros less.

Black Friday promotion: Blink Outdoor for 76 euros

As part of a temporary price reduction, the Blink Outdoor starter set consisting of a camera and sync module 2 is currently available for only 76.03 euros.

The new Blink Indoor - wireless HD security camera with two years of battery life, motion detection and ... 97.47 EUR
The new Blink Indoor - wireless HD security camera with two years of battery life, motion detection and ... 97.47 EUR