Which country offers cheap fast internet

Study: This is how much fast internet costs in 195 countries

Panagiotis Kolokythas

Ukraine has the cheapest broadband internet. Germany is in a good position in Western Europe. The payment.

EnlargeWorldwide, Germany ranks 53rd in the study

Ukraine has the world's cheapest broadband internet access. They cost the equivalent of just under EUR 4.40 on average. This is the result of a study by Cable.co.uk, which determined the prices for broadband Internet access in 195 countries between August 15, 2018 and September 20, 2018. A total of 3,303 offers for such access were identified and taken into account in the study.

Germany ranks 53rd worldwide with an average price of around 32.50 euros. In Western Europe, however, at least third place, because only in Italy (25.85 euros; worldwide 36th place) and France (27.80 euros, 40th worldwide) fast internet access is cheaper on average.

Our neighbors in Austria, on the other hand, pay an average of 43.90 euros (79th place worldwide) and in Switzerland even 70 euros per month (143rd place worldwide). This puts Switzerland in last place in Europe.

The study also reveals that fast Internet access is particularly cheap in Russia, in the states of the former Soviet Union and in the rest of Eastern European countries. Russia, for example, comes in fourth with an average price of 8.55 euros / month. Inexpensive high-speed internet is also available in countries such as Poland, Turkey, Egypt, Syria and Iran.

In contrast, access in the USA is rather expensive. With a monthly average price of 59.30 euros, the country ranks 113th out of 195 worldwide.

In last place is the north-western African country of Mauritania, where an average of 672 euros per month has to be paid for fast internet access. In the penultimate place is Papua New Guinea. In the country in the southwestern Pacific, broadband internet costs an average of around 500 euros per month.